Friday, January 2, 2009

All Singing All Dancing - or not as the case may be!!

Hi everyone, lots of things to put in this post today. I will post again tonight to give you more sneak peeks of the preview weekend workshops. But first wanted to catch up with lots of other bits.
Forgot to tell you all that I have an alcohol ink masterclass in issue 53 of Simply Cards and Papercrafts. It is a 7 page spread which tells you everything you could want to know about this versatile product. Many of you own alcohol inks and haven't a clue what to do with them , and if not they are available here. If you would like to have a go at these projects in person they are included in the next set of workshops.
Here's a few peeks

Here's a pic of me and my bezzie Cas on new Years Eve. I had my head up my a**e lol and so didn't want to go out and party, so she came round to me for a few drinks before she went out.

She as dressed up and I just had to use her shoes for shoe watch. Look at these beauties. She cant walk in them but since when did that matter?? lol

I normally stay in on New Years Eve. I know many of you think that it is sad but I normally enjoy myself. I relish having the house to myself and I am always busy making the workshop samples. I usually put it all away at midnight and toast in the New Year and eagerly await my favourite radio programme. Every year for years now Radio 2 has Stuart Maconie presenting his "All Singing , All Dancing New Years Eve party". It is 3hrs of non stop Northern Soul classics, and, I can normally be found rolling back the rug and dancing until 4 in the morning!! I always video it ( yes I know how sad to video the Radio lol) but it means I can play it back throughout the year. This year I was all prepared after finally learning how to use the Sky Plus. When to my horror I found it wasn't listed in the schedules this year. AAAARRRGGHHHHHH I thought it must have been a mistake but no it wasn't on. That is stuff that nightmares are made of (well to me anyway!). If anyone knows why please let me know cos I am gutted, that's right GUTTED!!,

So I gave up on the samples and hit the champagne early Yayy!!! I watched Meet the Fokkers and actually laughed throughout. Would never choose to watch something like that normally lol. I,m not into fireworks but absolutely loved the display in London at midnight. Got all sentimental and cried as all the texts from the kids and friends poured in ( Thanks M, it really meant a lot to me). But the highlight of the whole evening was on watching the Jools Holland show. Again it is something that I would never normally watch, but I really enjoyed it. Imagine my absolute delight when Martha Reeves and The Vandellas came on and sang, Nowhere to Run ,live. I was up and off the couch. They were celebrating 50 years of Motown and they were fantastic, it made my New Year.

I then didn't know what to do with myself, cos theres no point going to bed as the texts are coming in till 4am, so I flicked through the channels and found Grumpy Old New Year. OMG!!! I could be on that programme. How did this happen??? When did this happen??? But the saddest thing of all is I am quite happy being like that lol. Does that mean I have hit old age cos I am relatively happy being grumpy ?? Lmao!!

Any way whatever you where doing I hope you had as much fun as I did. xx


angie's blogspot said...

Hi Dyan happy new year, we never go out on NYE if fact we were in bes by 11 only to be woken by fireworks that sounded like the blitz, we woke up with the gog in bed with us as he must've been scared, lol. I'm gonna have to go and buy the mag now cos I'm eager to try alchol inks! Went to town today to buy craft stamper for your heart stamp in smiths and it hadn't hit the shelves yet, tis late, I was soooo disappointed, xxx

angie's blogspot said...

p.s. is it definatley issue 53? just looked on the website and there doesn't seem to be a mention of it, issue 54 is out on the 8th jan, might it be that one? Ignore me if I'm wrong lol, I usually am! xx

Dylan said...

Hi Angie the issue with the alcohol inks is deffo issue 53. It came out in Dec and I forgot to let every one know What a dork!!!lol

Unknown said...

sounds a great new year to me ! LoL cant make the preview weekend as im without the car so will be glued to the computer till its all listed!! Janet

Dylan said...

Forgot to s, if you like the stamp in Craft Stamper I am doing a class in January using it. Was supposed to be released today, so not sure what happened there!!

angie's blogspot said...

just bought issue 53 from asda, will read it in bed, just laughin at my typo's in my 1st post, bes? gog?, ha bed and definatley dog!

The Crafts House said...

we watched Jools and it was the best!!I love Annie Lenox,her dress was fab...Happy New Year Sandra

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