Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aaaaargh not again!!

This time its not blogger kicking me out but my own laptop which wont connect to the Internet in my house. One minute its on the next its gone. Toms girlfriends laptop works fine so whats the prob. Any it will be a short one tonite then as I cant link and I cant upload the photos!!!!!

I am sat here feeling rally sorry for myself anyway as I am suddenly in the grip of a stuffed head. That's all I need, it means I cant be on nursing duty for mum and it also mean my brain is going to be even scattier than normal. Quick trip to the pharmacy = day nurse, night nurse, ibuprofen,Olbas oil , echinacea and high strength vitamin C lol. Oooooh should be cracking tomorrow Yayy!!!

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angie's blogspot said...

where are you? hope your feeling better, getting worried about you! I'm just recovering from the second dose of the bloody flu! take care xxx

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