Thursday, February 5, 2015

Adventures in Frankfurt

This last weekend saw part of the Ranger team make there way to the Paperworld show in Frankfurt. It is a mahoosive show and we go to support some of our European distributors.

The crowds were massive..

And just kept getting bigger…!!!

But we always have time for some fun.

 It was great to spend time with the lovely Finnabair

This gorgeous little girl is Miriam, who, with her Mother drove 3 hrs to see if she could buy any of mine and Tim's products (that's not possible as its a trade show).
She was so excited when she saw I was there in person and when I told her Tim was there she was so excited.
I took her over to where Tim was demoing and got her a front for seat. We all had photos and she was quite overwhelmed bless. I love to see the youngsters being so interested in what we do.

 Its always a pleasure to get to spend time with the gorgeous Jayne.

As per usual!, I have come home poorly. I have a really bad chest and unfortunately the bathroom is nowhere near finished, so I am having to stay in a hotel until all the building work is done. Typical, even when I'm home I'm stuck in a hotel room!!!

Ah well
Enjoy xx


Miranda said...

Poor you, bathroom not done yet....hope it will be finsihed soon
It was fantastic to see you again in Frankfurt and I'm looking forward to the sound of music trip in May

Big hugzzzzzz

stamping sue said...

sorry you don't feel well and that even at home now you have to stay at hotel till your bathroom remodel is done. take care
stamping sue

Wendy Bellino said...

Fun pics! That little girl had the royal treatment. Thanks for sharing!

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