Friday, February 13, 2015

News from the Tower...

The week started off fabulously, with a couple of art journaling classes at Art from the Heart. love love love chilling with my regulars. I broke out the ONLY set of the new Dylusion paints that I own ( that's how much I love them!!!)

Here's Fridays class

Look at those fabulous art journal covers…

And here's Sundays class

With their fabulous journal covers.

I know you are all waiting for it and I do believe it will start shipping shortly. I'll keep you up to date.

Big, big news indeed but I have a BATH ….and a Toilet…and a sink.
Oh yes the bathroom is well under way and is looking good. It was nice to be back in my house if only for 2 nights lol.

Oh yes… I am on the road again. I set off yesterday morning with high hopes. I should have known better. The first leg went fine but when we boarded at Heathrow they found a problem that needed attending to. Unfortunately we had to sit there for 4 hours before we could take off.
The air staff were fabulous, despite all the moaning and complaints from lots of the passengers. I, personally, can't understand it. I would rather sit there till it was safe to go than land on time.

When we finally landed, I had missed my connection to Florida so had to spend the night in chilly Chicago. Brrrr I had to dig in my suitcase to gt my furry coat out.
Chicago/British Airways hospitality was fabulous and they catered to my every need lol.

Not so impressed this morning when I had to take the 4.30 am shuttle back to the airport.
But I am safely ensconced in the Club recovering from the shock with a hot mug of tea.

I am teaching at the Back2Back retreat next weekend with the fabulous Dina Wakely.
But this weekend I have 3 classes at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps, Lake Worth.
I think we have a couple of places left on the all day painty extravaganza where we will be opening new pots of the luscious Dylusions paint.
Sunday is sold out but Monday has a few places left on the canvas stitched journal.
If you fancy coming to see me and play with the paints, you can book HERE.

Enjoy xx


stamping sue said...

would love to take another class with you but FL is too far for me to drive. hopefully you will come back to CT. soon.
glad to see your bathroom is almost done.
can't wait to be able to purchase your paints!!!!!
stamping sue

Sue said...

LOVE ESS! Give Michelle a smooch! Maybe by the time you get back, your bath will be complete. Fingers crossed for that!

Miranda said...

Yourbathroom looks fabulous already...have fun with the workshops and the retreat with Dina, wish I could be there too

Caroline D. said...

Loved reading all about your recent adventures, but THE best news is that you have new pots of paint... I'm still holding out hope we will get to play with them at the retreat! All of the pages and covers your regulars made with the paints are just gorgeous. Safe travels for the rest of your trip... at least you got to Florida before the big snow storm in the mid west and north east next week.

Blackinese said...

Love love that tub, and absolutely can't wait for the paints to be available for purchase. I already plan to buy all of them!

LisaDRHC said...

I can't wait to paint with you at the retreat!

Helen said...

Every time you fly, something happens, lol!! The journal covers look fantastic, love the black backgrounds with those vibrant colours over the top. Hope you get longer than 2 days in your new bathroom soon. xx

Becky said...

Looks like lovely inky fun! Just want to say that the other day I needed to color a very detailed stamped image in black without losing the detatil and your Dylusions black spray (which I followed your example and put in a water brush) was PERFECT!!! Thanks! Love your line of products and stamps!

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