Friday, January 30, 2015

This weeks adventures at Reaveley Towers...

Friday was games night with The Most Beautiful Grand Daughter in the Whole World.

Saturday I taught a stitched canvas class at Art from the Heart. As always the students were wonderful and we had a fabulous time.

 Saturday night was the time to have a last bath for a few days as I am having a new bathroom fitted. Mr Bimbo wasn't really amused and wouldn't get out for ages lol

Sunday, and the walls came tumbling down. All of them.!!!  I had to banish people from the house as the view from my bed was the toilet!!

Monday, he was still sulking and being as awkward as possible. Seems I wasn't allowed on the laptop, nor able to work in my journal.

Fabulous, fabulous news happened. The Resident Bit of Glamour and her TomTom surprised us with wedding news. 
Just look at the smiles on their faces. Whoop whoop another outfit and hairdo on the cards.

Tuesday, and the walls were back up. New walls this time, so we have a bit more privacy but not a lot. Still no sign of the doors.
New suite not coming for a while so its like living and bathing in a squat !!

 But at least my boy is talking to me again.

 Today, me and Our Ben are on our way to Frankfurt to the trade show Paperworld.
I will be demoing for three companies
Personal Impressions
and Vaessen

We are leaving a cold snowy climate for an even colder snowy climate!!

And I will be demoing things like these beauties.

Fingers crossed that when I get back I will have a new bathroom, with no rubble.

Enjoy xx


stamping sue said...

Oh, my! you have the drama of a new bathroom being done and going to a paper convention!!! you are lucky!
btw, when will you be doing new videos and where can we find them to see?
stamping sue

Caroline D. said...

I enjoyed getting a peek into your life at home. Thanks for taking time to post the photos. What a gorgeous kitty! And your daughter and beau even more so and they do look rather happy together! Congratulations to them! Remodeling is such a pain, but it will be nice once done. Hope you have a good show and safe travels!

texasbarb said...

Wow...lots of news in this post!! Mr. Bimbo is a pretty...or should I say...handsome...young man! Congrats to the newly engaged couple! And...OMG...what a project you have going on...will be wonderful to return to a new beautiful bathroom, though. And last but not least...Safe travels!!

Helen said...

wow, that's quite some work going on, hope you get home to a lovely new bathroom and you can have a long hot soak... Great samples, I am sure they will love you!

Carol McCready said...

You'll enjoy the new bathroom; so the inconvenience will have been worth it.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Miranda said...

what a cute little fella is mr Bimbo....give him a cuddle my 3 girls are drooling lol
Hope your bathroom is finished now

bea said...

It was gr8 to meet you at Paperworld! Hope you had a safe flight back home and your bathroom is ready! :)

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