Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is it just me…???

I'm sat in my hotel room in Anaheim, its 4 in the morning and I can't frikkin sleep.!!!

Me thinks its all the excitement.

My journey started 29 hrs ago, when I treated myself to a first class up grade for the first flight of 10 1/2 hrs. Worth every penny. BTW that is sparkling water in my hand, but I do confess to having a large Baileys after lunch, lol.

My tip for a long journey is to always have your journal close to hand, and a good audio book. With both of those I can survive almost anything!!

After landing in Charlotte, I had a few hrs layover before my next 5 1/2 hr flight to LAX. I was relaxing so much I almost missed the flight!!! I boarded with seconds to spare, but had to put my carry ons in the hold. 5 1/2 hrs with nothing to do, but listen to the grunts, cries and snores of fellow passengers can very nearly tip you over the edge.

BTW my boots are very special to me, I own the right one and the lovely Gentleman Jim and the gorgeous Cesar own the left one. They are hand embroidered Old Gringos and are really rare. Hence I could only afford the one, lmao.

So arriving at LAX and getting the Super Shuttle sounds easy, doesn't it????  Errr no, this is me we are talking. 

BUT… 3 hrs later I finally arrived at the hotel, checked in and started to run a much needed hot bath. What could go wrong.??
While the bath was running I nipped across the corridor to get a drink from the vending machine and couldn't get back in my room. Neither of the keys would work!! So I hotfooted it down to reception, where they insisted on ID.
Sounds simple, but they wouldn't take any old ID…..not a credit card, or anything in my purse, not even my Hilton Honours card which was matched to the room, no they wanted photo ID. And all the time the bath in the room is filling up. The man who had checked me in 10 mins previously had just gone off duty and no one seemed prepared to let me back in the room. 
Well after 28 hrs awake you can imagine how well that went down with me!!!
So one diva strop later and I was back in the room, with 1 inch to spare in the bath…accompanied by a member of staff who still needed to see my ID. Yes you can't make it up can you???

After all that my bath was fabulous, but now I am wide awake lol and need to be and on the show floor in 3 1/2 hours as I have tons to prep and do.

But whilst I am awake I am going to do the next blog post, which will contain all my new releases.

Whoop de frikkin whoop…I can hardly contain my excitement.

See you in a bit.

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

Breathe In Breathe Out Breathe In Breathe Out #$%#$#%$%%^ Breathe In Breathe Out

Unknown said...

I love how your life reads so funny..even though I know it's not. Pleased I wasn't on the other end of that strop! 😂
Drink lots of coffee and enjoy your day xxx
Ps. If I buy one boot - will the boys pay for the other one for me? ☺️

Teena said...

You do not even need Disneyland to ride a roller coaster!!!

Vicki G said...

I absolutely LOVE those delicious boots! If they were size 10, I'd love to purchase a share in them! LOL............Hope you have a wonderful show and sleep well this evening!

Christie Brooks said...

Love them boots! Unfortunately I can't afford the :New: Old Gringos, but I can sure admire them!

Caroline D. said...

I still say you should write a book!! All the good stories happen to you. I know you didn't think it was funny, but it would be a great sit-com too. LOL Sorry all that happened after such a long day traveling, but I guess they were just trying to be prudent. At least you weren't just wrapped up in a towel locked out of your room! Have fun at the show and don't work too hard!

Unknown said...

OMG you deserve another Baileys! Or two. You didn't really need a journal withdrawal intervention on a 28 hr trip!

Sue McGettigan said...

Welcome back to LA, after a bumpy start hope everything goes swimmingly! Keep your sh*tkickers on in case there's any more argy :)

catherine said...

Have a great time. Plenty of coffee.
x catherine

Carol McCready said...

Hope you get some rest soon. I love those boots!

Colleen O said...

Can't wait to see you demo at CHA!

Unknown said...

OMG--Nope, you can't make that stuff up!! LOL about it now--but I'm with you...I'd be 'royally' pissed off and awake, too!! (and maybe using those awesome boots to kick up an arse or two!) Hey, I'm from the hood (Carson, CA--just a bit west of Anaheim) and my hoodiness comes out when people are treated badly! Need a bodyguard? LOL :)
I hope you can brush off your first night in Cali and have a GREAT CHA convention, Dyan!! I wish I was there :) XOXO-Shari

texasbarb said...

LOVE the boots!!! When you're in TX, can I borrow them for an hour?!?! The story about being locked out of your room is hilarious...but sure it wasn't at the time...could feel your frustration!!!

Salomé said...

What an awful adventure after a so long time in planes! But this is the kind of story you tell to your friends and family later and you'll laugh about all together. Anyway, I'm wondering how you do to not feel exhausted and I wish you good courage and good luck for CHA! I can't wait to see videos on youtube!!

sandy said...

You are so stinking funny!!!! YOU are the BOMB!!!
Hugs to YOU!!!

Elisa Michele said...

ROTFL! I love your recap. You are always funny but a lack of sleep has made you frickin' hilarious. Hope all goes better. And wat about those bastards at the hotel? How are they fairing after you>

Christy at Runaway Art and Craft Studio said...

Great post. Hilarious!

joy said...

ONG! I cannot belive this, wait yes I can! No one can make this up.
Hilarious post Dyan. This snark is why we love you all the more.

Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

What a freakin ordeal.

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott