Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CHA days two and three

Day two started extremely early as we always have 2 hours demoing exclusively to the VIP's, before the show even starts!! Although hoiking yourself out of bed at 5am doesn't feel good at the time it is definitely worth it. You get their undivided attention whilst you explain all your new products. Mind you when you get to the fourth group you don't know what you've said or what you've missed out!!

Love to bump into friends

 More work, work, work.

 And filming.

Made this for one of my biggest fans, lol. 

And this was a filmed sample

Its nice to sit at the end of the day with the bosses, having a well earned tipple

Aww our very own Brit, Andy Skinner.

 Love this lady, Jamie, designer of Bloom girls. I admired the skull picture and she took it down and gave it to me. I was so overwhelmed and started to fill up !!! Its hung in my studio, I love it so.

 Still have to pinch myself that one of my besties works along side me.

This was our displays on the Stampers Anonymous booth, who manufactures our stamps.

And that was it from the show for me. I skipped town early so I could be home for my youngest daughters birthday. Its far too many years, that I have had to celebrate over Skype.

Enjoy xx


Sue said...

Fabulous wrap up! Hope to see you back across the pond at Whim So Doodle this year!

Dara Lynn said...

My admiration and gratitude for all you do Dyan is infinite! Enjoy these few weeks at home! Congratulations on a fabulous 2015 release!

joy said...

So much fun loaded into 2 days. Hoping to see you visit Florida or Texas this year.

Caroline D. said...

Great photos of all the fun... uh, I mean work. hehehe You're as adorable as ever!

Linda said...

love all the samples and happy faces. TFS!

Claudine said...

Lovely to see all the fun at CHA, thanks for the wonderful recap

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your CHA pictures--and, of course, get ideas.

Marjie Kemper said...

What a load of eye candy! Love the keyhole views... fantastic... and tickled pink to be included in the pics. See you in sunny FL soon!

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