Friday, November 21, 2014

Rocking it in San Jose...

After a very short turnaround of only 6 days I was hotfooting it back to the States trialing a new hairstyle.

Trying out styles for Our Bens wedding in December, think I quite like the straight sophisticated look for a change…

After spending 29 hours in airports, and aeroplanes I finally made it to San Jose.

I have taught before at Scrapbook Island, but they have just moved stores and I was the first teacher in their new classroom.

Love this picture of me and the owner Laurie. She has become a dear friend and we have some escapades together.

It was a hectic schedule with 2 full days of teaching to over flowing classes

Fabulous to see some youngsters in my class

The lovely Chrissie made me a doll in my image which was freakishly correct even down to the tattoos. I will get a better picture for you tomorrow.

Time for lunch at one of my fave pit stops, Panda Express.

And then its time to move onward. This time to Runaway Arts and Crafts in Salem, Oregon.

I started some doodling on the plane, which I am going to continue whilst having a lazy morning!

 Enjoy xx


Miranda said...



Unknown said...

Yes Wear it like that....your hair looks fab down and rolled up at the front (nice barrel roll 😉) xxxxx

Marie R said...

Love the hair Dyan, looks great. Don't you go stealing the show at the wedding!!!! Lol xx

Amber K said...

love the pomp! ur hair would be awesome in vintage pin up style!

Caroline D. said...

Your current trip will go by fast and you'll be back home for the wedding before you know it! I love looking at all the class pics and views of stores... this one looks like a huge place!... love all the space there. Thanks for taking time to share all the great photos!

Debbie said...

Hi Dy
Did not know Ben was getting married, how wonderful. My Daughter is in 2016 so I am venue hunting with her a t the moment, all go isn;t it?
Love the Victory Rolls in your hair, a brilliant look for your red hair.

stamping sue said...

Dyan your new do is fabulous! I've always like straight hair. looks like fun times in class.
stamping sue

Siobhan Brignull said...

ditto to everyones comments, your hair looks fab with the roll and the straight.

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