Tuesday, November 11, 2014

at home with the beginners,,,

One of the reasons for my flying visit home was to spend the weekend teaching a beginners art journaling weekend. Unfortunately I forgot to take many pictures but here's what I have.

Its always lovely to come back and teach in my own studio. Thank you lovely ladies for a fabulous weekend.

Today was spent filming at Reaveley Towers, trying to catch up on the back log. It was made possible by vintage kaftans and copious amounts of tea !!!

And I'll leave you with a journal page…

Enjoy xx


Caroline D. said...

I'm so happy you're enjoying your visit home. Everyone in the class had a great time... I can tell by all the happy faces and big smiles! Your new journal page is awesome... great colors and I had to chuckle at the journaling along side the lady. :D

Miranda said...

Fabulous photographs and I looooooove your hair this way....it looks like cotton candy....awesome

Helen said...

A week at home before you're off again, boy, you make me tired just thinking of all that travel. Glad you are having a lovely time at home even if not for long. If ever you get tired of travelling to the USA, Australia is a terrific place to visit, teach and unwind (hint, hint).

massofhair said...

What a fantastic new pot for you to play with Dyan, you look so happy...

Class looks lots of fun, hoping to book another class very soon as missing all the fun.

Enjoy your time in the UK, take care:-) xxx

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