Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Salem Portland.

I have just come back from a weekend teaching in Salem where I had an absolutely fabulous time. The store, Runaway arts and Crafts is owned by the wonderful Christy and her amazing staff.

I appear to have lost the first 10 pictures, obviously swirling around in cyberspace somewhere lol 

Take a look at the high teaching surface Christy"s ever accommodating hubby, Michael, made for me !!! Fabulous and really saves my back.

Some of the results from one of the first days class

The gorgeous Kelsey, painted her own version of me, using my Dylusions. ( Obviously in my younger slimmer days lmao)

Sundays all day workshop was packed to the hilt.

It has become a standing joke that wherever I go I take the rain with me, but this was amazing. A unheard of storm and the heavens opened !!

Thankyou Christy, staff and all you gorgeous artists who attended, you were fabby.

If you want to read a fabulous write up ( so fabulous that I am blushing) go HERE for Chrissies take on the weekend.

Love this photo she took of me with my alter ego!!

Yesterday I flew out of Portland to Phoenix and caught this wonderful photo on the way.

Enjoy xx


Caroline D. said...

You make all your students so happy...look at all the smiles and inky hands!! Gorgeous work created by everyone! Loved the painting of you in that cute British mini skirt... :P

Christina said...

Dyan, what can I say??? You are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!! Thanks for all that you do!!
~Chrissie ;-)

lisa_crofts said...

Hi dyan. Looks like they had awesome fun. I see you are using your fabulous collage Images. Sometime ago I purchased these from your website and download them. Unfortunately I can't find the email and you don't seem to be selling them anymore. Will you be selling them again?

Christy at Runaway Art and Craft Studio said...

What a wonderful time we had. We've already been making plans for the next time you come visit us to teach!

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