Monday, May 5, 2014

Spending time with my best boys...

Whenever I'm in Texas I always try to spend time with two of my favourite fellas, Jim and Cesar. Love these guys.

Cesar twisted my arm (not a lot lol) and we got stuck into the champers.

More glasses for my collection

They are always so thoughtful. Last time I stayed I was a bit freaked out at the combination of red hair and white bedding. Imagine my surprise to see new red bedding. bless them .

Look at the fabulous mini me made by the lovely Kim

After a few cheeky vimtos it was time to slip into something comfy, lol. here in all its glory is my latest acquisition, a vintage cat suit. Grrrrrrr!!

The next day Jim and I went out and about. They live in the country and I was really taken with the fields of corn.

We went to a fantastic little area, full of funky shops. We spent a lot of time in this one, as you can imagine.

Jim promised he would come back and get this for me if I ever decided to get married lol.

This however did find its way into my case courtesy of Jims generosity,

We then thought we would have a little saunter round the boot shop…BIG mistake… Look what I found.

 They fit as though they were made for me, but they were sooo expensive. I umped and aaahed for ages, but couldn't quite justify the cost so eventually put them back on the shelf and hotfooted it out of the door!  Now I wish I had been reckless and just bought them, but hey ho !!

Then it was on to the antiques place where we caught up with Cesar. Here he is modelling my new hat lol.

Look at this beauty I found. Fully refurbished working order

Lol, am I gazing a bit too adoringly ??

Then it was back to another boot store where i bought a more affordable and more wearable pair of go with anything black boots. Still regret the skull boots though lol

Look at this fabulous piece Jim made using my Dylusions stamps. Sooo cool.

The evening was spent eating Pei Wei take out and getting hooked on Ru Pauls drag race. All too soon it was the next day and time to prepare for leaving.

Cue sad sad faces.

They were driving me to my next destination and we decided to stop at Collins Street Bakery for a pot of lunch.

Here we are at my next stop

Love how this sign makes me look slim he he

Oh no its goodbye time, all too soon.

 Well at least I tried to get them to stay longer.!@!!

Doesn't time fly when you're having a blast? Next time we need longer. Thank you to the both of you for everything, love you both to the moon and back.

If you want to see Jims account of my visit pop along HERE. Leave a comment giving him some lurve.

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Aww what a lovely bunch of people, you look soooo happy, love the boots!! Omg!! I think you need to fedex those babies over to you xxx miss you millions xx have fun xx

Kaz xx

The Hardy Stamper said...

Looks like you had a brilliant time! I am so envious! Jim is the nicest man I've never met! I would so love to meet him and Cesar one day.

Caroline D. said...

Looks like you had a good R&R... and some great fun too! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!!

Renee said...

What a fun trip! At least you have a photo of those FABULOUS boots!!

Carol McCready said...

Looks like so much fun. Loved those boots and skeletons.

Becky said...

I too believe that you should have Jim send you those you!! And I think they would go with everything...was there a single color they were missing?!? and the sad, sand faces were sooo adorable. :)

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