Friday, May 2, 2014

Willie Wonka eat your heart out….

After the fabulous shopping day, I had the supreme honour of being invited to tour the Stampers Anonymous Headquarters. I was so excited, I thought I was going to burst. This is where my stamp designs are turned into reality.

My guide was Mr Stampers Anonymous himself the lovely Ted.

Just happened to catch a photo of Mrs SA's Dad. Such a cutie.

Piles of my designs printed in rubber ready to be cut out.

How high are the stacks of finished stuff?

Can you tell I'm excited?

 The overly Mr Martin working the clicker machine, which automatically cuts the stamps out.

All the index sheets waiting for the stamps.

Drawers and drawer full of the dies, for every design.

The lovely Sue who cuts out the larger stamps by scroll saw.

The gorgeous Carl, who is working the Vulcanisers which mould the rubber into the matrix's. Gotta love Carl, he always takes time to look after me at shows, checking if I need anything. He's a doll.!

This is a matrix board. Somehow my design is acid etched onto here. The rubber is laid on top and then placed in the hot Vulcanisers. Really cool stuff.

The lovely Joyce, always smiling.

A fabulous example of an old printing press

The factory has had a new upper floor put in. Look at the size of Teds RV and trailer!!

The lasers cut out all of Tim and Wendy's stencils. The demand is so high they now have three rooms full of lasers, all working round the clock. Fascinating to watch.

Another view from upstairs.

They have a fabulous purpose built classroom, so we decide to do some staff training.

But first, lunch. I was treated to the amazing Reuben sandwich. Warm corned beef and sauerkraut on toasted bread. Complete with pickle! But there was enough meat to feed a family of four!!!

 My first class of the afternoon, consisting solely of SA employees.

Ditto with the second class. I was so excited how many people wanted to learn about my products.

We had a fabulous time in both classes and laughed the whole way through.

So sad when the party oops workshops were over!!!

Thank you to everyone at Stampers Anonymous for making me feel so welcome. You were all fantastic.. It was amazing to see how everything was made from  the start to the finished product.
I picked out a corner of one of the buildings that was flooded with light and I have bagged it for me. It would make a fabulous studio where I could sit and design more stamps. Don't let anyone use it for other things lol.

Enjoy xx


Debbie said...

Hiya Dy.
Wow seeing all the step by step on how the stamps are made is brilliant.
I used to work as a Bookbinder in my youth! and the printing press looks like something I used to use in the Printers where I worked.
Seeing your stamps on the metal sheet is amazing!
Enjoy and I hope to see you in June when I get over from Barrow. Debbiex

The Hardy Stamper said...

I loved your guided tour of the Stampers Anonymous empire! So much fun to see where everything is made and the people who make them - thank you!

Crafty Humphreys said...

That's really cool! Must be fab seeing all your work turned into the finished products. Are these new ranges you are releasing Dyan? Suz xx

Sandy said...

How wonderful to see how they are made.. Love those leaf stamps must get me some of those on the wish list it goes.. :)
Sandy :)

scrappallino said...

Thanks Dyan for this beautiful journey into the Ranger! It 'was very nice and interesting to know who and how they are created your wonderful stamps, now I love them even more!

Unknown said...

Fantastic family business, clearly they have a perfect management team who invest and care in their team. Wonderful..

Unknown said...

Informative tour of SA! Thanks!

Carol McCready said...

Love the tour. Looks like such a great place to work.

texasbarb said...

It's truly amazing how all our wonderful stamps make it from plain rubber to the store shelves!! I had the pleasure...many years visit SA and had the whole tour. Of course back then there was no 2nd floor or the lasers. So glad the SA staff got some time to play with you!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the photo-tour of stamp making process. I can't wait for this batch to hit my local shops' shelves!

Caroline D. said...

Awesome stuff!!! Thanks for showing us some of the tools, machines, processes, and last but not least, the people for making your fabby stamps! The metal plate for the rubber vulcanizers just looks cool.

Jools Robertson said...

Brilliant! what a fantastic insight to the company and process
Wonderful to see the using the products, something so often over looked

Jools x

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