Monday, May 19, 2014

It was all buzzing ...

…at the Beehive, in Toledo, Oregon

This is the beautiful scenery we passed through in the way to the store.

My minder for the weekend was the lovely Maggie who is the Ranger rep for the area.

Heres one owner of the store, the lovely Lisa…

How frikkin fabulous are these…?

Made by the other owner of the store the lovely Michelle.

I retired to bed absolutely shattered and spent the morning catching up with work before heading to the store. After setting up the classes we headed down town for a quick scout around.

And popped into this fabulous place …

for some Chocolate stout and fish and chips…Where are we…?

We are in Rogue of course. I didn't quite make the grade as I refused to comply with all their rules lol. Apparently I am the first to have their application rejected!!! their loss if you ask me lmao.

And then it was time to go lay my head in a vintage cottage by the sea. Perfect.

Next morning we were up bright and early ready for a full day of teaching.

These lovely ladies Janna and Irene gave me bag full of gifts made in Oregon, How fabulous is that? I am so blessed

The next day started with selfless by the seafront.

Once again I was bestowed with gifts, just check out this flabby hair flower...

chunky frame decorated with old vintage wallpaper...

AND this fabulous  handmade necklace.

And amazingly enough these were all made by the same person, the incredibly talented Laura. Unfortunately her contact details are packed in my case so I will add them in the next post, you really need to check her and her stuff out. All the girls at the store were drooling!! Thank you lovely Laura.

The day just seemed to whizz by and soon it was time for signing, photos and the big clean up!

Just love this group photo. Want to know how we got this angle?

He he Michelle just balanced on the roof beams, as you do!!!

I couldn't go without defacing some of their property now, could I??

The weekend just flew by and as usual I had a blast. Lisa is the cheeky louder one of the two, who's just a great big softie underneath, and Michelle is the quiet one who is hiding a fabulous talent under a bushel. Loved spending time with them both, their store is a must to go see if you are in the area.

So it was a long drive back to a hotel by the airport, a few hours repacking all my bags, 3 hrs sleep and then back to the airport at 6am this morning ready for my first 5 hr flight to Philly, then its a 5hr layover before I board for my 8hr to Heathrow. I hope to be back at mine some time mid afternoon, where my head will hit the pillow and stay there for a day or two!

See you on the other side.

Enjoy xx


Caroline D. said...

Hope you have sweet dreams for a long sleep when you finally get home!! I enjoyed reading about and seeing all the photos of your time in Oregon. Everyone was all smiles and I know they enjoyed learning from you and creating with you! Thanks for taking time to share your adventure...

Unknown said...

Dyan, where do you get all your energy? Don't you ever sleep? You seem to bring laughter to everyone with your presence...LOL wish I was there. Carrie

Anonymous said...

I know you're working hard & you're probably exhausted a lot of the time, but you're obviously having so much fun too. Thanks for sharing some of it with us. If I ever become a millionaire I'm going to tour around the US, visiting all of these wonderful independent craft stores.

Marie R said...

Hope you have a safe trip Dyan. Bet Maisie can't wait to see you and whatever you have stashed for her!!!! Take care x

Kathyk said...

Safe journey crazy lady - hope you remembered your Rogue passport after all!


Unknown said...

Wow you are one busy lady :-)!!! But it is not work when you love what you do is it?! What a wonderful shop, wish I was there lol. You deserve to have a long sleep in when you get back home!!

tocovya said...

Fabulous shop full of colour what could be better? Perhaps that beach it looked stunning

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