Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trying to catch up on my blogging...

I know, I know, I an sooooo far behind. So heres trying to get ahead.

I'm starting with my trip to North Carolina, first stop Betty's Stamping and Scrapbooking Store.

Betty and her girls met me at the airport and made me a lovely bag of goodies for the hotel room.

Especially love this mug which has a lid and a strainer built in.

We went out at night to the Texas Roadhouse, where Cyndis gorgeous daughter was our Hostess for the night.

Pick your own steak

 Much to my surprise they had laid on an official photographer for me.

What do you do after a long days teaching....? Colouring of course..!!

Unfortunately we only had two colours lol.

 Betty doing a Carmen Miranda impression.

And look at this. The lovely Kathy bought me a bunch of roses.

 I had a great time and finished it off with a spot of shopping. We went to a mall and I spent a small fortune in the tea shop, Teavarna. Look at this wall of tea...

And then I was on my way to Boiling Springs, Greensboro, to Dorothy's Stamps and Scraps

The lovely Donna, after visiting me in my England store, revisited me.

Mary Ruth has an unusual, eclectic store situated  in a house full of love.

The lovely Caroline brought her car along which made me homesick for my Maureen Mini

I seem to have spoilt the lovely group shot!!! He he. Second from the left is the owner, the gorgeous Mary Ruth

 And as for this gorgeous bundle of gorgeousness, what can I say..???

And amazingly enough I made the front page of the Shelby news. whoo hoo...

After a whirlwind trip to The Stamp Away show ( sorry no photos ) it was time to go home.

And look what I was greeted with at the airport...

Yep a hand painted sign from the most gorgeous grand daughter in the world, my gorgeous Maisie Lilly.

At the moment I am in Coventry with the one and only Mr Holtz for a few days of retailer/consumer workshops before flying off to Philly at the weekend to pick up an Kat Von D eyeliner for the gorgeous Kaz Hall...the things you do for bessies eh...!!

Enjoy xx


Kaz said...

Oooo how's about sneaking me in your suitcase!

Helen said...

What a whirlwind life you lead, Dy! So wish I could be at Tim's class but it wasn't to be... xx

Donna B. said...

Loved reading about your travels in NC. Next time you have to come stay with me in SC in my new house that will be finished in December. It will have a big craft room for you to play in!! I'm so glad you came here and I got to see you again. Please come back soon!!

Payne Holler Cards said...

I was at Betty's ....it was fabulous (-: you are so talented and an amazing teacher....loved every minute! Safe and fun travels ...

Caroline D. said...

So fun reading about your North Carolina adventure... and seeing photos from your perspective... I'm so happy you had a good visit here! You know you are welcome here any time, so please do come back soon!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane and thanks for sharing all your enthusiasm and talent with us! I had a fantastic time in your workshops!!

maggie warke said...

Coventry is just half an hour from me - how did I miss that?!! Have fun x

Carol McCready said...

Love your welcome home sign & photo.

susiesu said...

Maisie Lilly obviously takes after her gorgeous Grandma - what a fab cool welcome home poster - she has def captured you! Glad you are having so much fun that you haven't had time to put me and that Lesley in The Tower lol Susiesu xxx

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