Sunday, February 12, 2012

At last....!!!!

Well it's been a long time coming, but here I am at last with a blog update.

After nearly missing my flight to Portland, I landed with no luggage. There wasn't time to load it onto the plane apparently!!! So I caught my connecting flight to Sacramento, and surprise surprise there was one of the suitcases. Talk about confused.!!! I was told my other case was still on it's way to Portland and should be with me asap. Luckily when I pack I try to split everything in between the two suitcases, so for example I had my toiletries, but no makeup...some show samples but no class samples... no chocolate but plenty of Nobby's nuts, lol. So apologies for the make up free face in the following pics ...those of a nervous disposition please look away now......

The truly gorgeous bundle of gorgeousness that is Richele, met me at the airport as she had foolishly invited me to stay with her for five days...he he he ...that'll serve her right for speaking without thinking.!! Any how she took me to her mansion...what is it with American homes, they are mahoosive...even the rooms have rooms.!! And there is a room for everything. Laundry room, boot room, craft room. 

Richele was teaching the next day so I went along to heckle. She is a fabby teacher and really knows her Ranger stuff. Go to her blog to see a fabulous step by step tag...say Hi from me...)

Look at the gorgeous project she had made.

This is the lovely Deborah who was teaching the next day.

And this is the fabulous Carol, owner of Stampers Corner where I was teaching. And what a store, every square inch utilised. So much eye candy it was un believable. My new stamps were ready and waiting for me, so in between heckling Richelle, getting to know the natives and eating lots of munchies, I finished off a few pages I had started on the plane.

See...M n M's, tea, dill pickles ( I know, it's one of their quaint traditions, lol ).

As usual I was soon really really inked up, like a mucky pup.

And to add insult to injury, what little clothes I had with me decided to fall apart. I'm such a professional don't ya think.??

Proof of me actually working.!!!

The next day it was my turn to teach, I had three 3hr classes, and the women were just fabulous.

They were soon inked up to their armpits and taking it all in their stride. I think I took a bit of getting used to, but then, don't I always.?? lmao

Richele and her husband Del, made me so welcome and really feel at home. Normally I struggle staying in others homes and prefer my own company in a hotel, but I was so relaxed whilst staying there that I almost didn't want to leave. I re payed her hospitality by giving her a big kick up the jacksi as far as her career goes, lol. And I hope her new found confidence continues now I am home. I know I have truly made a wonderful friend and she is now stuck with me lmao. My suitcase eventually turned up, so the show and class samples crisis was averted, luckily.

We were driving the 6 hrs from Sacramento to the show in Anaheim. Heres what the boot , or trunk as they say, looks like. It was fuller than this, because I just kept loading bags into it, until Richele discovered I had packed all her husbands bags as well!! oops. He was going away for the week, just not with us.!!!

I love this photo of our designer challenges riding side by side.

Thursday was the start of the teaching event for Crafters Home, with a full and very busy classroom.

One of the rare times you will see Mario doing nothing.!

The gorgeous Patti, who is responsible for making sure all the kits and equipment is shipped and in the right place.

Mario tweeting his BTS (behind the scenes)

Some of the tags I made, before I was distracted by...

the arrival of my inks, first time seen in their new packaging.!!!

Frikkin excited or what...? There was a fair few squeals I can tell you !!

Happy dance, happy dance...

Here I am with Mr Stampers Anonymous, the lovely Ted, who makes my stamps. ( Available HERE )

Our Ben landed half way through so came to join us.

Inked up again as per usual.

Tim having a bit of a breather

The lovely Wendy Vecchi.... just love her, all we do is be rude to each other, in the way only good friends with a deep respect for each other can !

Then it was on to the show floor to start setting up the booth. So exciting to see my sign up and ready in it's place.

And here's the new sign for the top of the spray ink rack. I can only describe it as all the pieces of the jigsaw finally starting to piece together.

As you can see it's such a glamorous life being a designer. !! Here I am getting all my display boards in order. I had a prime spot in the booth with lots of display area and really wanted to make the biggest impact that I could.

Here's some of the Ranger team, hard at work

As soon as my boards were done it was time to make more samples. They all laugh at me, because I just can't sit still, I always have to be doing something, lol.

So there is my first week. Tomorrow I will take you through the run up to the show and the workshop I taught along side, the Master himself, and the gorgeous Claudine Helmuth. 

Can you believe it, I had to keep pinching myself that it was all really happening. I feel so privileged and fortunate and I thank you all for your good wishes and support along the way.

Enjoy xx


Jenn said...

My first exposure to your wonderful art and style was through videos of CHA, looking at those vids made me feel sparkly click with my clack! I went to our local Stampfest and shook down the Stamper's Anonymous for everything they had in your line, then went to our local store, Whimsadoodle in St. Pete Florida, and cornered the owner who re-assured me that 1) she already started carrying your stamp line and that 2) She would carry the full Dylusions line and would call when your sprays get in (She ordered at CHA). We do have tons of workshops so I put in my vote to bring you over to our side of the pond! Hugs, Sarasota Jenn

Kaz said...

I cant tell you how much Ive missed you ....but it is tons and tons and tons! You go Girlie, you are gorgeous, talented and just bloomin faberoonie xxx loves ya to bits and lurve your journal pages see you soon xx
snogs...great big ones!

Milly loves your dresses too x

Karenliz Henderson said...

Congratulations! It looks like you had a blast. I'm so excited for you. I'm off to buy your new stamps!

Melissa R said...

I loved having you as a teacher in Sacramento! Is there any one place that I can find where else in the US you will be teaching this year? I actually live on the east coast and hope you will be there at some point.
Thanks for teaching me not to worry about keeping my stamps clean!

The Crafts House said...

Yeay!!!great to see all the lovely things happening to you..well deserved..your one grafter that deserves all of it

Handmade by Elaine said...


Wow looks like you've had a fab time and I can't wait to see the new inks...happy dayz:0).
I wanted to show you my bird box that I had made using your stamps but I don't know how to send a link to you (not very good at these sort of things!)but i would love it if you could pop over to my blog to have a look :)

Helen said...

So good to catch up with your take on it all! Those Dylusion spray bottles look just gorgeous!!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hello Miss D!! I'm thrilled to have a blog post from you at last. It was great watching all the CHA excitement, but I think lots of us have been waiting to hear your take on it. These pics are great, it's so cool to see your new packaging & of course, your journal pages are gorgeous. Can't wait for your next post.

Sue said...

This little Dy-lett has missed you loads. Love to read about your adventure and so so so happy for the success that is now coming your way. All that hard work paid off girlfriend in the end

Rainbow Lady said...

Fabulous review of your first week... sounds great... so glad all went well and can't wait for the next part. Waiting not very patiently for your inks lol xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

wow !!!
the life of a top designer, look like it would take some beating ...

congrats on all your success

Ann said...

Glad you have had such a great time - pictures are great and you look so happy. Not sure if you got invite to my latest Blog - off 'In Search of the Northern Lights'. If not can you let me have latest email address? Ax

Anonymous said...

Hi Dyan,
I enjoyed taking your mixed media canvas class at The Queen's Ink. It was out of my comfort zone, but it was fun. It is in my studio where I can see it every day, and look at it and say, I made that! Have a great week, it was a joy to meet you.

Sandra Hall said...

I've missed you big time! But that was a wonderful catch up... loving all the picture story telling :D Encore! (with different piccies of course!) x

Debby said...

Thanks for sharing with us! I cannot wait to get my mitts on your new products!!

jayneyd said...

Hi Dyan. Glad everything is goin sooo well over there... looks like youre having sooo much fun. Wish I was there! lol When you have time pop over to my blog @ I have an award for you as your blog is sooo inspirational. Enjoy the rest of your visit xxxxx

susiesu said...

Cant believe you actually prepared journal pages on the plane. Didnt the ink go everywhere???? Really love your new stamps and stencils and of course the inks. Quick question Dyan how do you clean inky fingers? A friend suggested cheap shampoo but this doesn't work. Resorted to bleach on Sunday!!! looking forward to hearing about the next stage of your journey lol susiesu xxx

Sue Abbott said...

I wish I had counted how many times I said 'aaaaaaw' while I was reading this. It made my day reading how happy you are and how well everything is going for you. You deserve this SOOOOOOOO much and we are so very pleased for you! See you next month! x

Sue Abbott said...

I wish I had counted how many times I said 'aaaaaaw' while I was reading this. It made my day reading how happy you are and how well everything is going for you. You deserve this SOOOOOOOO much and we are so very pleased for you! See you next month! x

Michelle Webb said...

What a fabulous inky arty blog. Very inspirational. Love all your original drawing/doodling too. Your posts are full of interesting bits and pieces and the pics are fab to look at. I'm also in the north of England, and wondered where you are in the North?
I have become a follower, I need to see what wonderousness you do next. Michelle x

Angie Lentz said...

Well so far it sounds like you had a blast! I had the please of meeting Richele on the cruise I took with T!m Holtz at the end of September, she is a wonderful person. I was wondering though for those of us that are unlucky and could not attend CHA and take any of your classes or see you preform "live" in action.....are you going to be posting a video or a step by step on how to make those beautiful pages!! The color truly speaks to me. I REALY want to know how to do those pages!!! Thanks!!

Michelle Webb said...

I love to be up the eyes in inky acrylic mess, looking at your blog makes me want to get more messy! I love that excited inspired feeling, when somebody's art triggers something inside you. Your blog has just done that. I'm only in Teesside, can't believe I've not been to Art from the Heart. I reckon I'll be coming over very soon though. Michelle x

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