Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Part 2...

Saturday saw us getting up at the crack of dawn to teach the workshop to 100 retailers. Once again I was honoured to be amongst great teachers, Claudine and the master himself Tim.

Tim taught his portion first.

Here's the crew on stand by.

The lovely Wendy was one of the Fifi's for the day.

Queen Patti with her concentrating head on.

The fabulous one and only Dina Wakely came along to be my main bi-atch for the day, lol.

Here's Tim giving me a quick pep talk and a few pointers before I begin.

Piles and piles of shimmy butt roll just waiting to go.

inks for the kits

And here we go as he introduces me to the students.

Are we all paying attention.?

Oh obviously that's a no then !!! lmao

Yayy I survived and so did the students, well most of them.!!

Here was my project, the start of an altered book.

Then it was the turn of the lovely Claudine to teach her portion.

Can you see we are doing our best turtle poses.?

And then it was straight back over to the stand to finish set up. The packaging for my stencils had arrived. It's great to see all your hard work as a finished item.

The brochure for my stamps

The whole display




My logo

The display boards ( with a massive thank you to Kate, Kazz and Dina for their design team work )

 Looking pretty fabulous don't you think..??

I also had a fabby display on the Stamper's Anonymous booth.

Which included samples from Sandy Poppins, Ellen and Candy. Thanks girls.

The next installment will be the actual show itself. See you there. Enjoy xx


Angela Weimer said...

Fabulous. Looks like all went well. Congratulations! Have a wonderful week. Angela

Helen said...

The stand looks incredible, the artwork samples stunning and the class fun - though having seen the speed at which you work I hope they got done!

Sid said...

Looks fab, you were deffo enjoying it too !!

Martha Richardson said...

And I now have the newest stamps in my possession ;)

Mandy Makes and Mends said...

Can't wait to see your stencils and stamps in the shop I think they need to be stroked first before purchase ! Hopefully you will have some left in march. Love your samples , so vibrant . Had a great time on Sunday thank you ....am allowed to spend mothers day in your company ....yippee !! X

Miranda said...

I can hardly wait for the new sprayinks and stamps and templates to be available in the shops......it looks really cool saw some youtube video's of the CHA as well and it all looked fabulous

Joanne said...

You know something? I feel your joy. What a wonderful experience for you. Your art is unique - as it should be - and I adore your enthusiasm. Well done and - m ore power to your elbow girl.

Unknown said...

I wish I had been there this time ... It all looks fabberluss dahlin'
I will be at Stitches ... On the Monday ... Only to see you demoing of course ... You are right ... It's been far too long xxx

Karenliz Henderson said...

Congrats! Everything looks amazing. You better change the CHA picture at the bottom for CHA 2012!

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, this all looks totally fabulous. (Can you fit me in your suitcase next time? I can squidge up really small. I will be your be-atch) xx

Kirsten Alicia said...

ALL the samples are gorgeous. Attending the class must have been so much fun.

Unknown said...

I am so thrilled for you Dy how proud both you and Ben must be to see your designs at the biggest craft show there is. i bet all the retailers loved your teaching style :0) Hugs and mmmwwwaaahhhs janet

californiaartgirl.blogspot.com said...

Great post my friend.
I misssssss you morrrrre! Xoxo

Monica said...

I want to go to your class!

Candy C said...

Dyan...Your area of Ranger's booth at CHA looks FANTASTIC! I am so pumped to get my new stuff and "dive in" to the Dylusional waters! I so admire your work and everyone just RAVES about what a fabulous teacher you are! I seriously can't wait to receive instruction from you sometime...hopefully sooner than later. :) Thank you for the mention on your blog about the Perfect Pearls tag included in your display. :)

susiesu said...

Yes looked like you all had yummy fun launching all your new products. What do you do with all your samples Dyan? lol susiesu xxx

Lina said...

It must have been such an adventure - thank you for sharing with us. Such a great read (and fun) :)

suzieq23 said...

Yes, yes, yes, the CHA was so successful for Dylusions, but where is your wonderful trip to THE QUEENS INK?

Caroline said...

I just love the video clip - marvellous and all you super products - those stencils are on my shopping list can't wait to get those. Thank you for being so insprirational.xxx

Scrappegal said...

LOOVE your stuff!!! :) So now i just HAVE to buy some of them!

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