Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it really 2 weeks...

.....since I blogged.?? Suppose it must be, what with The Trade Show, QVC and the trip to Norway.!!! Yikes. well here goes with a quick lowdown on events...

First it was off to Birmingham for the British Craft Trade Show. We always get in a day early to teach Ranger Education classes to retailers.

Here I am modelling Tim's project

Hard work but always time for some fun.

the gorgeous Kaz was my lovely assistant new teeth were called for.

Then on to the trade show, where my products were on their British Launch...Yee Hah...

Then we hotfooted it up to London, where we were the TSV on QVC. Starting at midnight after a long day is an experience, to say the least.

  2.30am and we are just finished, off to the hotel till I am back on the 9am show !!

with the lovely Amy Shaw, sporting new teeth.

Mario added camera skills to his repertoire.

 I sort of, accidentally like, altered Tim's book. Ooops.!!

Mario giving the Royal wave sat on my throne.

The following day we had wangled a day off in London. Hmmm what to do.??

How about we follow the yellow brick road to ...

We visited the Anthropologie shop, where EVERYTHING in the shop is for sale...

I fell in love with this counter

And of course we had to visit the Disney shop.

He he he, couldn't resist..!!

Then it was off to Heathrow to catch a train to Oslo. Here's our fabulous hotel. An old manor house.

What a view to wake up to.

As usual we went exploring where I made new friends.

I loved this shop display.

And then it was on to Ellen's store....Bibuken

It is THE most stocked store I have ever seen, packed to the rafters. Thurs evening we spent doing staff training and eating pizza.

Then the hard work started, Tim and I demonstrated to a total of 180 people, during a 9 hr stretch. Wow, that was some feat, I can tell you, but it went like clockwork.

We had 3 sessions of meet n greet, photos and signings dotted in between. It's quite something to see all those people queuing up to meet you , I was in shock.

Here's the lovely Heidi, one of my face book friends, who had Dylusioned her t-shirt.

The hospitality shown by Ellen and her fabulous staff was superb, we couldn't have asked for better. I can't wait to go back and teach later in the year.

Then it was back to the airport and a flight home, piles of washing, feet up, long bath and a bit of spoiling from Mr Babe of Deliciousness.

Enjoy xx


Hilda said...

Fabulous time and I am exhausted just reading about it - methinks you still have jet lag tho dearie - did you really go to Heathrow to catch a Train to Oslo???????roflmao!XXXXXXX

Anne said...

Missed your blogging but the pictures show that you have had an extremely busy but satisfying time. Good for you. Cheers Anne

Helen said...

I was following Mario's BTS - you must be shattered! Hope you get a few days rest (ha ha!). Waiting to win the lottery (if only) as I need/want your new stamps and stencils and sprays.... lol

Jaki Morris said...

Man, what a fortnight. Love the story in pictures.

Oh what fun you had.


whyducks said...

Oh golly gosh, I am exhausted just reading all about it! Oh you lot must be made of very tough stuff to keep up that pace!

Unknown said...

I love seeing the last 2 weeks in pics - you were both awesome on QVC I felt like shouting out of the door- I know her you know Dy on TV LOL!am saving desperately to buy some distress pens...... thanks for sharing x Janet

Unknown said...

Welcome home ... we missed you XXX

Sue said...

Oh Dy...I want...NO NEED... for you to come to the Tampa, Florida area. We have two smashing scrap stores that I'd love to introduce you to.

It looks like you had a fabulous time. Love all your pics.

Siv said...

Did you just say you're coming BACK to Norway?!! To Bikuben?!! When-when-when?!! *clapping hands*
I soooo need to be there and see you again! And a workshop, not "just" a demo? Oooooh! Haha, a bit excited here...

Thanks for all the lovely pictures! Must have been so much fun, but exhausting.. There's nothing like coming back home to piles of washing and the loved ones.. :)

Oh, and tell Tim not to take out his earrings - they suit him well!


thekathrynwheel said...

Just reading your blog makes me feel knackered LOL!! Hmm, there's something funny about those teeth ... Tim looks like he's wearing them even when he isn't hehehe!! Er, with second thoughts you'd better not publish this comment! Glad to have you back :-)

Sandra Hall said...

Yay! Faberoonie news in pictures :D
Looking forward to the weekend not least 'cos I get to see you too :D
x x x

Candy C said...

Wow...what a whirlwind tour! You looks fantastic throughout! Love the teeth you were sporting! :) You needed to stick some lettuce or something between them though! haha I cannot WAIT to get my new sprays and stencils! Just got some stamps and had to order more! I LOVE THEM!! Your stuff is like CRACK! It's addicting! :) Thanks for the pics and stories about your exciting trips! Now I'm "knackered" (how's THAT for this old yankee picking up on a British term?) haha Get some rest!!! <3 Candy

Toneloni * Tonje said...

It was so much fun meeting you at Bikuben last Friday.
So inspiring to se ypu create.

Can't wait until your Ink Sprays comes to Bikuben.

And I'll be on you workshop with bells on

Have a great weekend


Diana said...

it is so good to see an update from you!! hope you have had time for a nip or two!

Heidi said...

Oh,so many nice pictures you posted!! And of course,it was really fun that you posted pictures of me and my t-shirt. I think it suited your signature very well, so thank you. And it was very nice to meet you,Dyan:-) And your was wonderful and inspiring, and I look foreward to your ink sprays are available in Norway!!
I was so inspired by you, so no I'll get started with my Art Journal...I have not tried it before, so it will be exciting and fun...!!
Have a great day, and weekend!
hugs, Heidi :-)

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Dyan, I cannot imagine how exhausted you must be, well done for not collapsing in a heap halfway through. :) Thanks for sharing your adventures, it certainly looks like a splendid time was had by all.ludenc anoton

zandra said...

Looks exhausting but so exciting. I can't wait until we get your sprays here. Maybe when you are at ranger you might be able to teach a class at Scrappers Cove. Fingers crossed.
Hugz, Z

Kirsten said...

Thank you for visiting Norway! It was great inspiration to see you work in your journal! I hope to catch your workshop when you come back!

Kirsten in Oslo

Kaz said...

Aww what a fab time .....welcome home we missed you tons!! Love the R.soles!! LOL!!
loves u mrs x

kaz xx

Shari said...

I would love to get your rubber stamps and stencils here in America! When can we expect them in some of our shops? Just love 'em!!!!

susiesu said...

Thanks for sharing Dyan always enjoy hearing about your exploits!!! Love the idea of 'altering' Tim's books. Shall have to have a go when my TSV arrives! Also like the idea of Dylusioning a tee-shirt - always inspiration to be found here. Keep on inspiring Dyan love and such Susiesu xxx

Catrine said...

I had a great time at Bikuben last week! Thank you so much for the inspiring demo! And I am so excited to hear that you are coming back later this year. :)
Take care!

catherine said...

Hi Dyan. I have just moved up to your area and discovered your shop. Came in this week and was overwhelmed by everything. Such beautiful works of art and such a clever lady. Noticed the classes and thought Umm.I am very new to this and just created my first pages yesterday using your inks. Love them and the colours.
x catherine

Maya said...

I have never ever liked to get my fingers inky.. Never!
But after seeing photos of what you can make, such awesome art, i am in love!
I have now started my jouney into inky fingers, and i am so wanting to go to one of your classes!
Hopefully i can do that, if you come back to Norway.
Thank you so much for the fab inspiration you share!

Mariann S Sæbjørnsen said...

Hello Dylan.
I went to find you on facebook but couldn`t fine any like button or a way to be your friend. Is there any possibility to follow you on facebook? Can`t wait for you to return to Norway. I live far away from Oslo so I was not able to submit your workshop at Bikuben. But I hope to see you and your work next time.
Love from Mariann in Norway

Melissa R said...

I saw this vintage clothing place and thought of you:

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott