Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's not what you know, its who you know.!!!

And boy has that saying been true just lately. 

As you all know I am a Vintage freak, with my choice of dress being the fifties. I find it quite hard to find authentic clothes in my size, so end up wearing a lot of repro or altering originals to fit. Now I can sew, but coats are a problem for me, too hard to alter. I do have my "pretend" furs, as you all know. The infamous Beaver, Mink and Leopard.!!! But what I have been searching for, for an age, is a coat like my Mum used to have. It was typical of the era, a sort of bobbly boucle fabric, with a huge fur collar. I think she had a two piece in it as well. I always thought she looked so glamorous in it. I have looked high and low and every one knows what I mean but nobody knew where to put there hands on one!!
Then one evening, not so long ago, I was on ebay, hunting for outfits for CHA, when I got a text in the middle of the night from the gorgeously barmy Kirsty, threatening my life.!!! Eeeeek what had I done now>??? Apparently it was a bit of a misunderstanding on the QVC face book page. People had got the impression I was leaving QVC, to venture over to the dark side.  So I hopped onto the thread, telling them it was a load of bull and would they kindly stop interrupting my Vintage buying, lol. 
One lovely lady joked I would probably love to see inside her Mother's wardrobes. Yes, wardrobes!!!!!.....all six of them.!!! Her Mother, at 94 indeed, isn't well and it is time for a clear out. One thing led to another and she sent me some photos.

This is the lovely Di, with her Mum in 1949. Such a cutie.! And how stylish was her Mum, look at those brows and the streak. Fabulous.

Well today, the lovely Di paid a visit to my studio. Here we are.

She brought her daughter and adorable grand son. It was so lovely to meet her in person, and guess what..!!!

Oh yes, I am now the proud owner of one bobbly boucle coat. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Ha ha Di couldn't get over my excitement, as she thinks it is disgusting, but I am in lurve with it, and it will probably never leave my back, lol

And how about this for a touch of glamour.? Might take this with me to wear whilst demoing, lol. If you take a closer look at one of the pictures further up , you will see tons of items hanging from the studio door. Oh yes, fabulous goodies, especially for me. Such a lucky, lucky lady, don't you agree.? Big, big thank you to Di, firstly for thinking of me and secondly for making the journey and making my week.
And a big thank you to her Mum for having such wonderful taste. She has obviously cherished these items and it is now my job to carry that on. How wonderful, and how privileged, to actually know the history behind what I am wearing.

Here she is in 1962, with her husband looking ever such the distinguished couple. Di's Mammy...I salute you xx


Helen said...

How fantastic! What lovely people there are....

patcrafts said...

Dy the coat suits you perfectly it looks wonderful it's you to a T. Not wanting to show my age but I can remember these coats and suits. There are so many kind people in this world.
Have a wonderful time at CHA etc see you in 3 weeks.Take care hugs Pat xx

TonyR said...

you look totally gorgeous!!
and what a sweet lady!! my mam would have been 90 today and this made me think of her ... she wore coats like that!!
keep being glamorous! xx

ellen vargo designs said...

That coat looks like it was made for you! How fabulous!!! Awesome story.... glad you had a dream come true! See you soon! xxx

Jaki Morris said...

How fabulous! I was in on that rambling conversation too. As I recall it began with Anthea Redfern!

My Nan had some lovely furs too although now they are so non PC. I'm sure my Mum still has some of the little clip on collar things. I'll check and let you know

Sue Abbott said...

Aw what a lovely story, lovely gesture and LOVELY coat! Heartwarming indeed! x

Sandra Hall said...

I can hear you singing.."Heaven, I'm in Heaven...." Your post has put a big smile on my face, not least 'cos you're so happy :D x

anna christensen crafts said...

Wow Dylan, what a fascinating post! I love vintage clothes.Love the photo's of Di's mum (very glamorous)How kind of herto do all that. Great that the bobble coat has gone on from one very stylish lady owner to another stylish lady (hope that made even the teeniest bit of sense!)Hugs Anna xx

Unknown said...

I've just used dylusions inks for the first time-on a scrapbook page such fun! But the thing that inspired my page was the twine that was used on my parcel. Thanks, love it!
Page is on my blog btw!!

susiesu said...

Hi Dyan the coat looks fabuluous on you - and it was me that misread the post and thought you were going over to the dark side!! What a wonderful outcome and who would have that that Anthea Turner would have started it hey? Isn't that picture of Di and her mum gorgeous (Di must do a scrapbook page with it - even though she likes tags) ave a great time at CHA launching all your new products - cant wait to see them! Enjoy your new wardrobe lots of lv Susiesu xxx

Debo said...

How kind and thoughtful!

The coat looks like it was made for you!

Enjoy CHA!

Cher said...

omg! YOU...are a treasure! been reading your blog...too damn funny woman! I adore your into bold n brite myself sometimes...lluvvvvvv yer stamps, just dont own em yet..but I WILL! truly...SA always chooses GREAT folks to work my dear..are a GEM and a treat..and yes..u look maaaaaaaaaaahvalus!!!! cant wait to see more of just might get me to tackle a journal!!!!

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