Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm here.....

So there we were, 3am going, hauling our ass's out of bed. Considering I only finished packing at 12.30 am, I wasn't that impressed I can tell you. Anyway off to the airport ready for my 6am flight. Said my sad goodbyes to Mr Babe of Deliciousness and off I trotted through the airport. Looking impossibly glamorous, of course, with my Beehive, Bobbly, boucle coat and my trusty Dr Martens. Tip no 537....don't wear hi top dr Martens to airports, who now insist that you remove them at every opportunity.!!

Cue, the first glitch in the well laid plans...!!

Flight from Leeds to Amsterdam delayed by nearly an hour.  On arrival in Amsterdam I had to pick up my coat tails and hi-tail it across the length of the airport. I arrived breathless and panting at security. Boots off, hairpins out, and still I set off alarms and had to be patted down, lol. Anyhow I made it onto the plane by the skin of my teeth, the last remaining passenger!

As many of you know, I am always unfortunate with my seating. I always, always get sat next to the crying baby, the whiny child, the annoyingly nosy person, the male chauvinistic obese man or the escaped loony on day release..!! So I know you are all waiting with baited breath for todays tale of joy. And I am so sorry to disappoint you but....... I had the whole row to myself. Yee hah, Glory be to God.....all those Hail Mary's and Novenas to St Martha paid off. I quickly parked myself in the middle seat so that no one would be tempted to join me, hee hee and settled down with my journal for the 11 hr flight.

I landed in Portland, Oregan to the quickest immigration time ever, but was deemed a suspicious character and marked down to have my bags checked. Unfortunately there was a  small problem as my bags, apparently were still in Amsterdam..!!! Still they inspected the contents of my handbag and my carry on, which created a bit of a stir as it was full of my journals. Mind you I think they took one look and thought it will be safer to just let me through, than try to work out was going on in my head, lmao.

So after a 3 hr layover in Portland it was time for my last flight, and guess what it was delayed..... I eventually after a 23 hr journey landed in Sacramento. Yayy...!! and guess what one of my suitcases was there waiting for me. Hallelujah.!!!!

 The gorgeous Richelle picked me up as she had offered to be my lovely host whilst I was here. We went out for a Mexican with her family, and then it was back to hers and to fall into bed. It was only 8.30pm here but I had been up 27 hrs, so I was out like a light.

This morning it was a shock to see that most of the stuff I needed was in the missing suitcase, of course...So I am having a make up free day...shock horror. Mind you I figured they didn't really know what I looked like yet, so would think it was normal, hee hee. We are spending the day at Carol's store... Stampers Richelle is teaching two classes here. They are a lovely bunch of students and I am looking forward to my day of teaching. If you are anywhere in the area come join us. Ring Carol on 916 686 0651 to book a place or look on her website stamperscorner.net for more details. I am teaching 3 classes, an accordion book with gesso resist and colorwash, a mini Distress stain book with Kraft resist and a canvas with paint effects and pearl finishes. Hopefully I will have reclaimed my luggage, so not only will I actually have the samples to show you, but I should have my face on and be looking impeccably glamorous.!!! Ha ha well as glamorous as I could ever be.

Today however is NOT that day and I have developed a large hole in my cardi....maybe it's extra ventilation, not sure. So here is Scruffy Outfit of the Day. With the holes and no make up it is more like a before photo don't you think..?? Must try harder...except I haven't any clothes to try harder with !!

Here's some of the ladies in Richelles class.

Just look at these gorgeous Melt Art flowers.

And this is frikkin gorgeous. Richelle very kindly offered ( oh ok I made her ), to make me one to wear at CHA.Yee hah.

Here's Carol the store owner

Can you guess what these are.?

Yup they are crunchy dill pickles...could soon get addicted, lol

and chocolate, of course...

I made a bit of a mess in the corner, as usual. Here's some of the backgrounds I was playing with.

And I ended up just a little mucky, lol, sign of a good time.

Tomorrow Richelle and I are holing up in her studio making samples for the show, and what a studio. Just wait till tomorrow and I will give you a little tour.

Okay time for sleep and to dream about my luggage turning up intact..he he !!

Enjoy xx


Kaz Hall said...

You might of lost your luggage, but you still look gorgeous! Even with a hole in your top xx
Glad you got there ok, cannot wait to see the mischief you get up too xx have a ton of fun xx

Big snogs


Love the bling too......faboooronnie!

Sue said...

Wow girlfriend you don't so anything by halves do you.

Loving the natural look, but not sure about the cardie, but you never know might catch on!

Have the most amazing fun, fab time and remember to come home, You're only on loan to the USofA.

Traceyr said...

Hope the missing case turns up and what a result you getting all three seats to yourself.

That jewellery is wonderful.


susie f said...

Dill pickles and chocolate....?? I think that covers most of the food groups!! Lol!!!
Hope the knickers arrive!! Lol
Knock them dead Sexy Miss D, mwah

Siobhan Brignull said...

what a journey and admit it you liked the pat down, LOL, assuming it was a Beckham or some such ilk look alike . . LOL, looks like you are having a fab time already, dont forget to snog Tim for us all..x

ellen vargo designs said...

Oh, bother.... lost luggage is the worst! But I see you're making the best of it and looking gorgeous as always! Have an awesome day making samples - can't wait to see them! xxx

Jaki Morris said...

You have to try peanut butter M&Ms they are to die for

Candy C said... had me peeing my pants whilst reading your blog entry. I can soooo identify with your incredible bad luck of flying com padres you get stuck next to on flights. :)
You look fabulous! I am sooo envious of those ladies in your classes today! I so wish I was there! I had hoped to FINALLY get to take some classes with you in Baltimore at the Queens Ink (and with my friend, Ellen) right after CHA...but I will be on the opposite coast at the same time! Damn!! :) Have a wonderful visit here and great luck with CHA! :) <3 Candy

Hels Sheridan said...

oh blimey Dyan... I hope you cases turn up soon!!! You always make me howl when I read your posts... thank you for making me smile today! Have a wonderful time over there... hugs xx

KMM said...

You are awesome...I was in the first class yesterday at Stampers Corner. (I was the one who finished last and asked a lot of questions!!). It was a pleasure to share the space with you and to have you chat w/ us. Best of luck with your adventures in CA. Take care and keep up the great work!! Katie M.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan! I just found you via blog links from the Little Shabby Shed via the Prince Sir Tim Holtz. Well I have just gone head over heels with seeing your stamps and you as I read through your blog. I too love to alter anything I can when I can and love everything vintage. I keep telling people I was born in the wrong decade (1960's). Anyway, when I read you were in flight to the states I was jumping up and down hoping u were coming to NJ, alas to find you in CA. I know this sounds pretty crazy, but I promise you I am not..., I would like to extend a proper invitation to you should you extend your US stay after CHA to come to New Jersey to pay a visit to Ranger, I would like you to stay here in my home instead of a cold, empty hotel room. I live in the town next to Tinton Falls where the Ranger HQ sits. My guest room u will love in it's full shabbiness as well as possibly some play time in my studio that overlooks 2 beautiful acres. Have I tempted u yet to come to NJ? Do I sound like a mad, crazy woman. But then again, aren't we all mad, crazy women who love to create and love those who create along with us? Anyway, the invite is open anytime. Best wishes and high regards, Lisa Hess,

Sandra Hall said...

Well I'm ashamed to admit I've had a chuckle.... not at you per se.... just the predicaments you get yourself into! Keeping my eyes peeled from afar to see what else you get up to :D Have fun, fun, fun my friend x x x x x x x x

Kirsten Alicia said...

I'm glad you got there safely after all your adventures. Have a terrific time, I'm looking forward to reading all about it.

Mandy Makes and Mends said...

Hope ur luggage turns up ......and not on last day as is the norm......Have a fabby time looking forward to reading your escapades from a far and maybe seeing some samples x

sixofone aka Leah said...

I love reading your posts. Tey always make me chuckle. Hope your luggage turns up and I'm sure you will have a fantasic time. I'm really quite jealous

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Glad to see you arrived safe! Hope your suitcase turns up sooner rather than later! Have a good trip and a fabulous CHA


craftygirl said...

I love all of the pages that you've done!!! I am defo buying those stenciles, can't wait!!!!
P.S Hope all your luggage arrives soon, you still look lovely in that dress!

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