Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh yes...

....I'm still here,

I have just been buried under a mahoosive amount of work and deadlines.!!! No sooner do I get to the bottom of one than another pokes it's grubby little head up. So apologies for my blog posting tardiness, but it looks as though it might be a little sporadic for a bit longer. If you want some cool blog stuff to read then get yourselves over to these beauties.

The gorgeous Ellen

and the lovely Hels

have been having a Dylusions challenge and you can see the results on their blogs.

The lovely Heidi  from Norway who has been doing some really unusual things with my stamps.

Lady in Waiting Kaz, has the usual eclectic mix of Dylusions and Tim Holtz. And you need to go see her birthday card she made for Tim, AND the comment he left for her. She was squealing for hours and had to breathe into a paper bag, to regain composure.!!! She was so excited and I love her for it.!!! One talented lady indeed and it won't be long before people will be squealing about her. I do regularly, lol.

The fabby Kate has always got lovely eye candy for you to peruse. If you are joining in with the Art Calendar challenge again, there are loads of  samples there to see, and if you aren't joining in, it's good to see anyway.

I have a new monthly challenge starting for you soon. It revolves around my love of quotes. The idea is that every month I will give you a quote, and then you will create something around it. Mine will always be art journaling, of course, lol. You can do the same or you can utilise it on a card, a tag or a scrapbook page. Or indeed on anything that takes your fancy.!!! You know I love a sprinkling of altered objects. I will post up the rules as soon as I have run them by Our Ben, who you just know will be overseeing all of this. If he left it to me it would probably not get off the ground with my schedule. But with him behind me bullying (oops sorry, gently cajoling me) it will be fine. I just need to work out how to attach a Mr Linky, so that we can see every ones work and we will be good to go. You will get the quote on the first of the month and you will have until the first of the next month to upload your work. See, a whole four weeks, even I can manage that, lol. !!!

I did manage to squeeze in some relaxation over the Christmas period, taking in an all nighter at Nottingham followed by a dayer at Brighouse. Spending over 12 hours dancing to my beloved R n B certainly blew a few cobwebs away. Here we are looking extremely tired but happy. Not sure when I smuggled in the two melons.!!

I'll leave you with this little beauty

Enjoy xx


Bernice Hopper said...

A monthly challenge! Soooooo exciting. Can't wait

olive said...

Oohhh, sounds like you are having fun. Cant wait to have a go at the challenge, sounds fun. take care, dont over do it...... wishing you a productive and successful New Year. xx

Kaz said...

Lovely melons ma lady! lol

oooo and lots of gorgeous makes too!

speak soon oh gorgeous one

sending a royal wave


ellen vargo designs said...

FAB projects from all the links - thanks for the mention! xxx

Kat said...

Can't wait to join in your new monthly challenge,
I am excited about it!

Angela Weimer said...

Dyan, Feels like Ages since I have been around. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas time. Hope you mound of work eases up soon. Your challenges sound like fund. Might give me a little push out of this rut I have been in. Hope you have a wonderful week and please do work in a little enjoyment. All work and no fun......

Anonymous said...

Hello! After reading the new issue of Craft Stamper I NEED Dylusion acrylic paints to recreate the monster canvas. When will your paints be available to buy again?

Sandra Hall said...

Yooohoooo Dylan! at last I'm able to have a lovely catch up - my laptop & internet connection are playing up so I'm doing other things :D In fact I still feel like I'm on holiday! Looking forward to your quotey challenge :D x

PS.... Loverlee melons to rival my own :D!

And PPS... Great record :D!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of quote based art and can't wait to participate!

Leanie said...

Can't wait to see what you're doing with Ranger - understand that Dylusions needed to be pulled short term but also can't find your downloads anymore :(
Please could you tell me if they're gone forever?
Cheers ma'am!

Leanie said...

Can't wait to see how your collab with Ranger goes on the painty-inky side, but can't find your downloads anymore either - please could you enlighten us, are they gone for good?
Cheers ma'am,
Leanne x

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