Friday, September 2, 2011

Blog hop...start of the Party...

Yayyyyyyyyyy>!!!!! Blog hop starts in 10 hours. Are you ready for it.???

Whats a blog hop some of you cry..??

Well it means you start at one blog...that'll be mine then..!!! and follow the link to another blog. There you will be given a letter and a link to another blog, and so forth until you are directed back to mine. You need to unscramble the letters given and come up with a word, which you will email to Our Ben. He will then pick a winner for some fabby prizes.

Sounds good, yeah..???

Well there's more, because we don't just have one blog hop going on, or two , or three.....we have only gone and got 5...Yup you heard right, we have 5 separate blog hops going on. When you get to the end of one, you follow the links to the next one , and so on... So that's 5 chances to win fabulous prizes. Its also a great chance to see other peoples blogs that you might not have known about. There are some big industry names involved in the hop and tons of super talented " normal" names as well if you know what I mean, lol. Please comment on their blogs as you hop around to let them know you have visited.

All of the details will be on my blog in the morning . We go live at 10am. BUT..!!! I am teaching a beginners journal weekend and they are a fabulous bunch, so I am hoping I won't forget. If I'm not there at 10 am , I will be along shortly. So I say it will be 10am with a frikkin big ish

I am a novice at this blog hop lark and I am being totally guided by the gorgeous Janet who has put tons of time and effort into this whole thing, thankee very muchly babe for everything is a star. xxx

All this is the start to our 10th birthday celebrations, and I hope you will all join in the fun.

Ok , see you in the morning

Enjoy xx

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