Saturday, August 27, 2011

She came bearing gifts...

 Had a great day at the studio yesterday.The lovely Kaz ( our latest Dylusions design team member) came to visit. I was teaching an art journaling class and before you know it she just got thrown in, feet first, in the deep end.

She panicked when she saw me looking

but despite never having tried it before and not knowing what she was doing, I think she got off to a great start.

The gorgeous girlie that she is brought me a fantastic surprise pressie. A vintage Singer sewing machine and an electric one at that. Fanfrikkintastic.... she can come again.!!!

 It arrived in its very own, extremely well made and heavy, carrying case. Which was the size of a medium suitcase, and weighed an absolute ton even when empty. This machine was obviously someones pride and joy, as it is in immaculate condition, and that certain someone was a Miss Daly.!!

This is the original part exchange receipt,  £120.00. A mahoosive amount of money in the 1950's. You can get them for so much less nowadays.

Look at all the original ephemera that came with it...I particularly love the oil for lubricating your motor.!!! No comments necessary thank you, lol.

We had a fabby day, and those who want to meet her, she will be demoing and generally floating around on the Sunday of our birthday celebrations.

Oops think I've nodded off there.!!

Thats better...

I'll leave you with a journal page from my ledger

Enjoy xx has come to my attention that Our Ben is having an attack of the vapours again...He's only gone and announced free UK standard postage, on any orders placed on the website over the Bank Holiday weekend. I'm sure normal service will resume shortly so better take advantage while you can .!!


ellen vargo designs said...

Oh my! What fun!! I think Kaz did an amazing job on her first journal page! I think I would have been panicking, too! And that sewing machine... WOW WOW WOWEEEE WOW WOW!!! It's *GORGEOUS*!!! And I do mean *gorgeous!!!* Looks like you had a fab day playing.. I promise I will come and visit one day - hope you'll throw me in the deep end, too! :)

Kaz said...

What a fab day!! I got to spend the day with one of my heros......thank you, you star!! Thanks to the girlies in the class too, sooo friendly and lovely to have a good chin wag, big waves to them.

You got me mini journalling tonight!! yep Ive been snipping, stamping and painting,will show and tell soon,you watch what your doing with that lube!!



Martha Richardson said...

Don't you just love vintage sewing machines & accessories...what fun! Love looking at Kaz's journal pages.

Sandra Hall said...

You look mighty fine in that dress :D
The sewing machine looks wonderful, are you going to use it or keep it as a thing of beauty? Kaz made a great start to journaling - see you get everybody hooked! x x x

Lizzybobs said...

Oh I just love your style - you are so inspirational - I have added the birthday button to my blog - thanks for sharing your magic with us ((hugs)) Happy Hopping this weekend Liz

Unknown said...

Love your mandarin duck page! Love these colourful birds ;0) Dawn xx

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