Monday, August 15, 2011

The week at Reaveley Towers ... Pt 2 ...

Friday was the character painting class, for those who had previously done the portrait class. I, unusually only had 4 students, but what a fabulous workshop we had.

Anna has been practising lots, with a journal full of portraits, and although sporting one broken arm produced this beauty.

Love the shoes on Jill's....

A very feminine result from the other Gill

And Karen's was especially for her teenage daughter Polly. I don't think you could get more pink and girly..!!

Well done ladies you were fabulous.

Friday evening I stayed up and finished my latest. Just loving her...

Saturday's workshop was the technique accordion book, so lots of scope for paints, inks and laughter all round. The lovely Steven, on a visit home from France, brought 3 of his cousins and so the place was full of friendly banter, as you can imagine.

Last night was spent finishing off one of the workshops for the coming season. Again ton's and tons of techniques, and lots of stamping with my Dylusions range and the fabulous Dina Wakley stamps. It's actually in gorgeous sherbety colours which don't really show up well on here. You will have to get yourselves to our birthday bash to see it in the flesh.!!!

Well, Mr Babe of Deliciousness is talking of grabbing a picnic and the tent, and disappearing off to the coast...

Enjoy xx
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Kaz said...

Oh wow!! look at that canvas by Anna......Im off to break my arm!!LOL!! I soooo wish I lived closer as I want to have a serious stalker here, who may just have to move to Harrogate!! Loving Dinas stamps too ....gorgeous!


Karenliz Henderson said...

Amazing canvas from everyone! One year my vacations are going to be just traveling to all these workshops! What an adventure that will be!

The Crafts House said...

really liking those canvases..enjoy the break away..

Angela Weimer said...

What a fab painting Dyan. Loving the details. looks like the class was great. And produced some great results too. I am really gonna miss your classes. Trying to talk one of the stores over here into having you come teach. They saw you at CHA. fingers crossed. Had to ship some of my spray inks when we moved and customs seems to have taken them as they did not make it through to the house. guess I will have to order some more once we get settled. Hope all is well. Angela

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