Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tags and Thrift.

Thought I would start this post by showing you two of the Taster Workshops I taught at our 10th birthday weekend.

The first is all Dylusions...paint, sprays and stamps.

Curious Corrin has been ensnared into the freely swinging cage, with a rather forlorn look on her face.!!

Here are the reverse of the tags.

The second tag was all about Ranger.

We used Distress Stains, Perfect Pearl Mists, and Archival inks.

Love my frogs head from the Pondering Petunia set.

And heres the reverse of the tag's

One of the DT, the gorgeous  Bezzie Su made these fabulous tags.

Here she decided that the frogs would make marvelous chandeliers, lol.

And this one is my fave...skull and crossed legs, lmao. Frikkin hilarious...

Here's a couple of thrifting bargains.

I have had my eye on this book in my local charity shop. It is used as a prop and I am always asking if they would sell it to me. Well yesterday I struck gold. I think I actually wore them down, but hey ho.!!

It is a fabulous John Bull edition of the New English dictionary, and is about 4 in thick.

I also picked up this little beauty.

 It is a Japanese book, and it starts at the back and reads forward. How frikkin cool is that.??

On to Daily Outfit.

How good am I at the moment, managing to keep up.?? Ooops do you think that is tempting fate a little..??

Repro 50's style dress
tomato red cardi..thrifted

spotty tights
and ever so faithful Dr Marten boots

Well I love it.!!!

Oh and battered old fluffy jacket.

 Did you spot the Union Jack hanging from my window. ??  It is an original from 1914, and no, you don't need to know how much I paid for it, lol. Suffice to say I wasn't buying any boots that month, I can tell you. But so, sooooooo worth it.!!

I'll leave you with a journal from my ledger. This one I completed in class on Tuesday. The challenge was to use an image someone else had chosen for you.

Enjoy xx


Jennibellie said...

My word you're a woman after my own heart, I wouldn't care if I didnt have boots for a year if I had that flag lol great tags, I'm browsing your workshops now soooooo tempted to join. Congrats on the daily outfit,hugs Jenny

Karen said...

Ok upside down chandelier frogs way too cool!

Carol P said...

Love all of these tags! Thanks for sharing.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

I'm missing words, your pieces of arts are so wonderful, love the frog :)

Helen said...

Love your tags from the workshops, and your spotty tights! Have a great day...

Sandra Hall said...

You look GREAT! You need to come visit me - I've found TWO shops for you (although one of them is definitely NOT thrifty! hehehe
Fantabby tags from Su and fantabby page in your journal :D x

olive said...

loving your outfit...... and of course the artwork!!!! xxxx

Kaz said...

OMG just dropped me biccie in my cuppa......that Union jack is to die for!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Looking gorgeous as always xx mwah

Im hoping to get over to visit again in half term, hoping also you will take me hostage, ....pretty please lol xx

big snogs


Debo said...

You are looking amazing!

I have challenged myself to NOT wear my jeans unless I really have to (they go on without any thought, everyday!) and so I'm really having to think about my 'style'. I think yours really suits you (I've got a thing about cardigans too)

sharon said...

Hey Dyan ...

Just browsing ard your blog after i finally managed to get my hands on some of your stamps ... need some inspiration .. :)

The book is actually a Chinese book and the title is " even if I cannot love you, I still wish you all the best " .. :)

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