Sunday, September 18, 2011

And breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeathe. !!!

I have had a fabby 3 days off and feel totally refreshed. I have had a day of sleeping, a day of shopping, a night of Northern Soul and a day of cleaning and cooking. Yes I did say cooking. I think I have turned into a 50's housewife, but don't worry , it won't last, the novelty will wear off again soon.!! But at the moment all I seem to want is nourishing, nutritious home cooked food, lol.

I bought a new slow cooker at Asda, a bargain reduced from £28 to £9 and it is beautilicious. Yesterday it was stew and dumplings, today it is Stir fry. Just look at the spinach. I can feel the iron  feeding me just by looking at it.!

And yellow peppers are my fave

These are simmering away nicely, ready to be made into crumble

and tonight it was home made raspberry trifle. Yummy.

The spare bedroom has been tipped out and completely reorganised, and I have started on clearing under the stairs. All four of my kids have moved out into their own flats, but strangely enough most of their belongings seem to still be residing with me.!!!

As I mentioned yesterday we spent the day thrifting in Leeds and I picked up some fight little corkers.

This was the first and I just couldn't resist it. It will look fabulous in my bedroom filled with tulips, don't you think.??

And this has to be my favourite of the day. A fabulous vintage handbag, which I took out with me last night, and received many a compliment. This is the front.

And this is the reverse. How frikkin cool, or what.!!

And I couldn't resist this. Well they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.!!

This hair clip was too delicious to leave behind

 and how about this one, made from an old typewriter key.??  AND it has my bestest number on it...Fancy that.!!

A\nd this little pinny just sort of followed me home.

Good day's work all round methinks...

And that's not it, I'm saving the best treasures till tomorrow, but here's two little sneeks.

I discovered Solanah's blog this weekend, and I am totally in love with this girl and want her wardrobe. Well not just the wardrobe but everything in it as well.

Just check out this fabby tutorial for styling a head scarf. look out for this one coming your way on the blog, lol. You can find it HERE

And if you loved that you really need to check out her whole blog, Vixen Vintage, but be warned you will be there all day...

Can't remember which website I got this next one from but I just adore it. Pure 1950's glamour..

And how frikkin badly do I want these.???

find them HERE. Might need to return the red Dr Martens, lol.
I'll leave you with a journal page from my ledger.

Enjoy xx


Martha Richardson said...

I think your nesting...LOL! Love the entire post but have to say the journal page is DIVINE.

Alison Horne said...

I love a new season, great excuse to NEED new clobber. Ive bought THREE outrageous pairs of shoes this month.Cant wait to see you in the Bet Lynch coat.

Love the Zentangly hair on the journal page.xremornu

Jayne C said...

Loving your vintage buys!! Have pointed Bethany in the direction of the Vintage Sale in Sheffield that you posted on out for her there!! xx

Kirsti said...

Wow brilliant thrifty finds done good...I love a rummage in the charity shops...

I absolutely LOVE that journal page - it's lush!!!

Kirsti xx

PS - the shows were fab btw....xx

olive said...

needless to say I lurve, drool, over the leather classy. xx

Kaz said...

Ooooooo look at all that thrifting!! WOW!!I have serious wardrobe envy!!

Sooo what I want to know is now your kids have all moved out.....pretty please can I come and live there?? Im a quiet stalker, Id be no trouble honest lol!!
Off to check out that gorgeous blog...just love that headscarf too

gorg journal too xx

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