Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pride comes before a fall...

Oh yes, it's a very true saying indeed. After all the excitement of the QVC announcement, I should have known better than to expect a smooth quiet weekend. And Saturday morning, down with an almighty bang, from the highest level..!!!

You wouldn't believe it if I told you so I won't.

Our Maisie did her best to cheer me up at tea, with her dinosaur. loved the sunglasses look.

She had also shopped for an impromptu picnic, bless her.

Needless to say, it has taken some getting over, so I have retreated to the comfort of my bed today, not to sleep, but to put in some long overdue journaling hours. Not for work, or samples, just good old Art journaling, therapy for my much bruised soul. I got tons done, and the fog is beginning to lift slightly.

Enjoy xx


Dina said... ya. Can I help? Remember you are amazing and you rock.

Jacquie Parry said...

Aww Dyan, Hope you are Ok My soul has taken a battering lately too. I suffer from depression. When I feel like this I always take to my bed and make things. It usually helps :)
Hope you feel better soon, Love you work and you truly inspire me

olive said...

your still fabulous Dy ...... xxxx

Kaz said...

Let that fog lift sweetie and it will, just takes a while, sending u a ton of love, big hugs


Sandra Hall said...

Love Maisie's sunglassed skellybob :D
And your journaled skelly looks fab. Your pages are always amazing Dy. :D Sending big hugs x x x In the words of Nolan Porter.... Keep on keeping on. x x x

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Sending big hugs


Diana said...

OH NO love. i hope all is okay!!!

Mo said...

Ah Dyan. Just sending you an enormous hug winging it's way across the Atlantic to you at warp speed. Your posts show you to be a very strong person so you will rise above this too. So smart to tuck into bed with your art journal. I love your pages.
All the best,

Gill J said...

Was thinking about you on Saturday - we missed you but Su did an amazing job. You inspire loyalty and love in so many people - I am sorry you are having a bad time. Thinking of you.
With love Gill xx

Virginia said...

Oh sweetie I am sorry for whatever is obviously making you feel very sad at the moment, the journalling helps as do all the people around you! Sending you all my love, keep your chin up sweetie

Biggest hugs

Gillian .... said...

Sending you mahoosive hugs from up here, remember we all luv ya ... take care xx

Anonymous said...

Dyan I only joined your blog recently so I don't rally know you, but I love your creativity and the way you have inspired me.
Just wanted to send you hugs today and I hope your heart mends soon.
Big love

The Crafts House said...

take care...inspiring us all as always..

Sarah Louise said...

Oh Dyan, sending you a big pot of love and hugs.

Nothing like spending the day in bed thinking and doing to get your head back in the right place.

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh dear :-( Keep on journaling. Sending you a big hug xx

Jane said...

Oh dear. .......Big hugs. You are who you are and you are strong and so valued by very, very many. Don't forget that and remember to value yourself always.
Bed and an Art Journal will help in the meantime.

jeanie g said...

I have only recently become a follower Dyan but I love your bouncy and bubbly style and your artwork and journalling here are amazing. So sorry you're having a bad time lately, it's a part of your sensitive character that makes it so much harder to bear. Love and hugs for you and your recovery. xx

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