Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mahoosive post coming right up....

Looky what arrived at ours this week...

Can you tell...???

 Yee's only my new Dylusions stamp release...

Now you would think from these photos that we had tons wouldn't you..???

And the answer to that is yes, we HAD tons, but they are flying out the door quicker than we can pick n pack them. Congrats to all of you who managed to get the ones you wanted as we now have some complete sell outs. We will restock as soon as we can but it could be a week or two so don't miss out on any of the others. You can find them all HERE.

One of my faves is Write between the Lines...The top four stamps are for stamping onto your journal pages or tags and writing between. I will show you how I work with these later, and yes, believe it or not I use them as well, tee hee, its much quicker and still looks hand drawn, what more could you want.
The bottom four tags are handy for stamping out and adding to the top of your pages, but when I designed them , the thing I had in mind for them was masking. I'm hoping to get a video of me demoing it as soon as, but Our Ben goes on holiday tomorrow night so theres not much time.

 Which reminds me, whilst hes away there will be NO MAIL ORDER...
I repeat....NO MAIL ORDER until 14th Aug.
I will be teaching and running the ship as well as all my prepping, designing, top secret missions and so forth so will not have the time to pretty parcel wrap. Plus Our Ben is only right in pointing out that I would only make a complete A**e of it and it would take him twice as long to put right. So if you want anything mailing out you had better order it pronto ie before we can ship it out tomorrow. Otherwise you will have to wait till he gets back. No ifs no buts no pleading, cos it won't work lmao.  If you are ordering please, please, please, check you are inputting the correct card details, as we wont have any time to contact you to correct them...thank you.
Anyway....back to Write between the Lines. I demoed it to my art journaling class and here are the beginnings of their pages, all masked up

Ooops forgot to go back at the end and photo them all finished, lol.

Here's mine, start to finish

Just frikkn love it...!!!

Well, the gorgeous Ellen Vargo has been at it again, making a beautiful accordion book full of Dylusions stamped images. She has really done them credit. Pop over to her blog HERE for a good gander. Thanks Ellen. xx

Now a while ago, way back in February actually at Stitches, which is the British Craft trade show, I met a lovely girlie, who was soooo excited to meet us all. She came on our classes and also came and hung around the stand making oohing and aahng sounds lol. Here she is with me and Mario.

Yes it's the gorgeous Karen Hall aka Kaz.

After the show I popped over to her blog to see what she was about and was really impressed with her work. She is a big fan of grunge and all things Tim but she does it in her own unique way.

She is also a luvvly, luvvly genuine person. Her she is with me at my last preview weekend. Yup she travelled half way across the country to come see us and gaze adoringly at my collection of vintage cases, lol.

Anyhows, to cut a long story short, she is my latest recruit to the Dylusions design team, and I am absolutely over the moon to welcome her on board. Her parcel of Dylusions goodies will be heading out the door tomorrow and I can't wait to see what she does with them. I hope you will all join
 me in giving her a warm welcome, and it would be great if you popped over to her blog to tell her yourselves. Her blog is HERE.

You will also be able to meet her on the Sunday morning at our Birthday Bash. I'm attending are you..??

I have conned, oops sorry gently persuaded her to do a bit of demoing for me. Tee hee.

Which leads me nicely on to our birthday celebrations.

Yes it's our 10th birthday, can you believe it. It was actually in April, but we forgot all about it, lmao. Only me eh.?? So we decided to combine our birthday with our workshop previews and make a big bash of it. We are open from 8am until 6pm Saturday and Sunday which gives you all plenty of time to get to us.  Details are HERE.

It also falls the same weekend as the GNPE, so if you are coming to us you can take a trip there, or vice versa, if you are going to the GNPE you can pop and see us. We are literally 5 minutes away from each other.

The decision to stop attending the show was one that wasn't taken lightly..But as you know there is only me and Our Ben, and it was just getting too much for us. Packing up, setting up, breaking down and unpacking all takes up 6 or 7 days of our time. This results in no workshops being made
available and we can't control the stock levels for our website. As we are getting busier and busier this was the solution we came up with and I feel it will suit all our purposes.

We will be having our usual taster workshops running all day, both days. You can find details of these HERE  and HERE
 They are the usual £5 and this time you can book up to three per person per day. Joining me in the teaching will be the usual suspects of Kate Crane (who will also be signing copies of her Dvd's). Kirsty Wiseman (who will be entertaining us with her rude jokes) and Sandy Poppins (who will be being her usual lovely self)

I am sure that Bezzie Su, Right hand woman Pam, pretty parcel wrapper Ali, the lovely Katie
 on the till, supreme cup cake maker Teresa and everyone else I am bound to have forgotten.!!! Please excuse I have been doing this blog for 3 hours and am on my second glass of the old vimto so memory is lapsing fast.

Did the eagle eyed of you spot anything else on the photos of my stamps...????

Oh yes we have the full releases of Tim's stamps HERE and Wendy's Art Parts HERE.

And lastly onto a few things that are floating my boat this week

The fabulous Lucy dress from Pin Up Girl

Although with my stupendous rack I will probably look more like this. Sandy Poppins hubby has already christened me Dyan Von Cleavage....lmao

Loving this bikini, also from PUG

Again, this would be more me, lol

Now this is simply divine...

Am absolutely rocking this fringe and will be taking this piccie to the hairdressers with me. Not sure I could keep up with the eyebrows though..!!!

And I am loving this just for the frikkn hell of it, lol.

 And the wonderful Dollydagger has some stunners in at the moment.

  Would kill for this from their Betty Paige collection, which is coming soon.

OK it's time to give Mr Babe of Deliciousness some of my undivided attention, so I'll sees you all later.

Enjoy xx


ellen vargo designs said...

Wow that really *was* a mahoosively long post, but it was so full of awesome stuff! Firstly... I am SOOOO happy for Kaz! She is so talented and I can't wait to see what she creates with Dylusions! Secondly... thank you SO much for the link to my accordion book! You got us off to a great start with that class and I had a ball finishing it. And, last but certainly NOT least.. I'm so glad you finally got YOUR stamps!! Must have been *agony* waiting for them! Plus it's just *wrong* that you weren't FIRST to get them... Thanks for all your support, encouragement and enthusiasm - wish I could come to the b'day party in person... but I'll be playing along with a big smile here across the pond. Big hugs to you. Ellen xx

Kaz said...

SQUEAL!!! Im soooo excited i could pop!! thanks so much Dyan, really excited to be part of your DT team....its a real honour, thank u xx Really looking forward to getting inky and painty oh and stampy!! big huge hugs


Sandra Hall said...

Lovin' the stamps Dy. Not had time to do anything else yet seeing as Mr Hall is home :D x 100!
The wardrobe choices are fab - can just see you dancing in that red number, boobs and all :D

Belinda Basson said...

Oh my word, I am so pleased for Karen that she is joining you! She does awesome art and yes, a WONDERFUL person! I just wish it wasn't a 12 hour flight from South Africa to come to your 10 year Birthday Bash...have a fantabulous time, I will be watching both your blogs for photos and report backs so I can live vicariously through them.


Magda said...

Woow, tons of fantastic stuff! Love your stamps.
Congratulations for Kaz!

Mo said...

I love your 'mahoosive' posts! Have a terrific Birthday Bash.You defintely need one (or two) of those frocks to celebrate in.Enjoy it all!

Diana said...

i so can't wait til i can get my hands on some of those stamps. i see they are going to be sold at Scarlett Lime!! me loves me some Christy so will be placing an order there soon!!!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Awesome journal pages, wish I could attend your birthday celebrations, I'm sure everyone will have a terrific time. I'm off to visit Kaz's blog............

Karla Anderson said...

My daughter just tried on a bunch of Betty Page dresses - so fabulous, but not in her college budget. Thinking for Christmas. Love all the new stamp stuff!

Linda M. Cain said...

Fabulous post!
I share your fondness for the Acdsee photo program. Lost mine when my computer crashed. I'd had some genius transfer if from old to new computer so the program was long gone...still haven't found the one I think I HAD!

I watched Dylan demo at CHA, and if you haven't seen her do this, you're missing an amazing feat! She is BRILLIANT, FAST, and constantly looking ahead to the next step....layer, after layer, of gorgeousness and fun!
I was speechless, and that takes a lot!

LOVIN' the new stamps..Kaz is amazing and Ellen is the sweetest person ever!


Anonymous said...

Lovin your journal pages - yum yum. I'm not affiliated, but was surfing the web and found this site you may like - gorgeous clothes that thought you may like to see - Nothing to do with me, I just thought they were gorgeous :O)

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