Tuesday, August 9, 2011

just a quickie....

Soooooooooooooooooo Our Ben finally gave in, so before he could change his mind I quickly hotfooted it and bought a new laptop. They all managed to talk me out of the ipad 2, much to my disgust, but I now have a shiny new one, complete with all its alphabet keys.!!!, lol and a screen that doesn't look as though an electric storm is about to break out.!!!

All good eh.???

Err no....

I haven't got my acdsee photo manager on here and so can't work out how to modify all my photies.. And yes, before you all start telling me how easy other programmes are, yes I hear ya, but you are talking to me...I hate change. If I like something I stick with it. If it ain't broken and all that. Don't know why everything has to be constantly fiddled with. so unfortunately until I stop cutting my nose off to spite my face, and get to grips with another programme, which I will in my own sweet time, thankyou, when I'm good and frikkin ready, there will be no evidence of my David Baileyesqueness. You will just have to do your best to imagine.!!! lol.

It would be cool if you could pop over to Kaz's blog, she received her design team goody box today and she made a little video to show you all. Luckily she had stopped all her squealing so your eardrums should be safe..!!!

I have had the pleasure of the most beautiful granddaughter in the whole wide world's company since yesterday tea time. No big deal you may think but her Dad has only gone and got himself a flat and moved out. How dare he..??? I hear you all cry.. I agree, how selfish to want to live his own life with his daughter, and not let her be with me, lol. So consequently, I don't see her as often as I used to . So she came for tea, stayed the night, accompanied me to work, scaled the climbing wall with one to one tuition with the Little Monkeys tutor, entertained the ladies, made a pretend beach in the shop, manned the till, packed the ladies shopping, doodled, painted, sang, play dohed, shot aliens, blew bubbles, to mention a few ... She's gone home with her Dad tonight but is arriving at the totally unsociable hour of 6.30 am for another round. Yee hah can't wait.

Well Mr |Babe of Deliciousness has arrived with the Vimto so need to vamoose.

Enjoy xx


Lulabelle said...

Dyan I know only too well what you mean about change! My family just laugh at me when I go nuts if someone has been on my lappy and change anything, (I hate it when they 'hide' my favorites or shut down stuff I have kept open!)I go into a frenzy, they think it's funny but to me it is near the end of the world! Am I mad? I don'y know! Maybe!

Kaz said...

Hello lovely!

Awww Love your adventures with your granddaughter.......happy happy days, thanks for the mention too :0) x
Big snogs


The Crafts House said...

..i'm a bit the same about change...it was my phone this month and i have hated having to get a new one...out of my comfort zone...haven't commented for ages but ALWAYS checking out your great stuff

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