Sunday, August 14, 2011

The week at Reaveley Towers ... Pt 1

Well I have finally managed to upload some photos to Blogger from Picasa, but its still not playing nicely and will only upload so many at a time, so this post will consist of a pt1 and a pt2..!!!

It starts with last Saturday night, when me and Mr Babe of Deliciousness decided to create a painting for the living room wall. 4hrs, lots of paint, gesso, inks, laughter and wine later we had completed our it...

Then it was the turn of the most beautiful grand daughter in the whole world to come and stay. She has always been fascinated by the climbing wall and so we booked her in for a session with the Little Monkeys. And a little monkey she was. She was all over the walls like a rash... But she was the only monkey in the group that morning, so after an hour of intense non stop climbing, she wasn't really fit for much else, lol

Although we had promised a trip to the seaside for the following day, one look at the weather told us there was no way.!! Wind and rain with only the promise of more on the way, soon scuppered our plans. But she was a little star and took the news brilliantly. Instead we had an impromptu shopping trip, a fabby lunch, with refillable ice creams at Pizza Hut, and a long jaunt round our local Vintage/Retro shop where she was fascinated by the typewriters and old gramophones they had.

The weather showed no signs of letting up so we retreated to the safety of my kitchen, (yes...I do have one..!!), and we spent the afternoon baking, (yes for all you doubters out there, I can actually bake as well..!!, lol.)

2hrs later we had 15 banana buns, 12 oat and sultana cookies, 12 extremely moreish chocolate brownies stuffed with Rolos, and THE most delicious lemony zingy muffins ever, ever, EVER...!!!

Most of Thurs was spent chasing round the studio looking for the slightest ounce of inspiration...Could I find it...? Could I buggery..!!!

So I did what I always do when nous is missing in action.

Back to basic backgrounds....

3 colours of paint, and backgrounds on every surface possible.

I started with red, orange and yellow Dylusions paint.

and produced..

8 large journal pages

 7 small journal pages

5 medium journal pages and a new watercolour flip flappy journal.

3 background sheets,
2 lge canvas boards
1 sml canvas board
4 tags

and then with all the left over baby wipes ( only 6, 2 for each colour paint ), I prepped book, dictionary and music pages.......

Still no mojo, so I repeated the exercise with mustard, green and moss paints.

Then blue, purple and turquoise paint.

And finally magenta, pink and orange.

This is how I turned up for lunch at Bezzy's..!!!! and I am pleased to report that nothing burnt was on the menu..!!!!
Here's some of my finished haul. Although nothing extremely creative was achieved, I did feel as though I had achieved.....

Well that's the total photo upload on this post used up so I'll see you all on the next one.

Enjoy xx
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ellen vargo designs said...

your *lack* of mojo has inspired me! glad you got to meet Hels yesterday - she had strict orders to give you a mahoosive hug! hope your mojo comes back soon... LOVE the painting you created for your house - gorgeous! and the fact that you created it together? even *more* gorgeous...

looking forward to Pt 2...

Ellen xxx

Kaz said...

Oooh hurry up with part 2....cannot wait!! Love the art work, so gorgeous and totally agree with Ellen that its fab you created it together. Ive just bought some canvas to have a play, wish me luck ....I m gonna need lots of it lol xx You grandaughter is just a sweetie too, can I put in a order for some yummies, they look soooo scrummy
big snogs


Julie Kirk said...

Hi Dyan - I know exactly what you mean about not being able to upload your photos. If you're using Internet Explorer you might want to try Firefox [It's free:] I use that every time I blog now for the same reason as you.
Hope this helps!

Julie :-)

betjunroe said...

Good morning from rainy East coast. Looking for ideas to get inspired and saw your awesome wall art. What colors did you use? I so enjoyed taking your recent classes at Queen's Ink and look forward to your next visit. Thanks for all the inspiration!

betjunroe said...

Greetings from the rainy east coast. Your wall art is awesome! What colors did you use? I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and taking your classes at Queen's Ink. Can't wait for your return visit. Thanks for the continuing inspiration!

Sandra Hall said...

Oh those painty colours of gorgeousness!
It looks like Andy has hidden talents :D That canvas is fabulous Dy.
What I want to know is, who has eaten all those baking goodies - you could set up in competition against Krispy Kreme!

Sid said...

Loving the pages, great colours and what a canvas to inspire you going forwards !

Unknown said...

Oh joy to spend time with grand children looks like it was a blast! I love the work (canvass) you and hubby created very cool artistic work. and I love those paints too and back grounds are always handy to have ready ;0) Fabby post lots achieved I 'd say Dxx

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