Monday, January 18, 2010

Yayyyy back from my visit to the land of "Normal"

Well how quickly can bad habits return..?? James has only been gone 3 days and here I am, at 2 in the morning, working journaling and blogging..!!! Shhhhhhhh don't tell him, pleeeease, lmao. Mind you I am so far behind with everything. I have had emails all week asking if I am ill or had a major crisis. Thankyou, thankyou for your concern, but in fact I have been living a normal life....Yes you heard correct, whilst he was home I had to toe the line and do "normal" things.!! Firstly, I was barred from working 14 hrs a day and I had to go to bed before 10 and not get up until at least 8, and only after I had drunk tea in bed.  I then had to eat breakfast, WTF..!!!! unheard of I know.  I also had to eat proper food, beautifully cooked and presented, off a plate, at regular intervals, and learn to try and keep it in my stomach.!!! I had to put in regular appearances in the boxing ring, and make time for myself with long, hot baths and journaling time.And then to top it off I was barred from working in the evenings and instead had to snuggle on the couch , with a glass of wine whilst watching dvd's. It's quite a relief to get back to being extremeley "un normal". Now don't get me wrong although I really enjoyed myself and quickly got the hang of it, how the hell are you supposed to get any work done..??? I am soooooo far behind, and before you all start, I mean further behind than I normally am..!!! lol.

So what is the answer..??? I really don't want to go back to my old life, but I need to put the hours in. I,ve got 5 weeks before he's back home, so suggestions on a postcard please. The choices at the moment veer from, cloning myself, winning the lottery or declare myself bankrupt....ha ha. I,m getting too old for all this now.

I don't know if any of you caught Secret Slumdog Millionaire this evening,( yes I now even watch the telly ), but it has left me in a really sober mood. It is unbelievable that these people live in such poverty. The children have nothing and yet the smiles on their faces and cheeriness was heartbreaking. Living their lives on the street or if they are lucky in a one room shack, constantly worrying about their homes being demolished by the Government.Nobody should have to live like that and I feel extemely grateful that I have a roof over my head and food on my table, not to mention a bed to sleep in and shoes on my feet. It is sooo easy to be insular and moan about our circumstances and problems, but not after that programme and it has really made me think about how much we take for granted. I greatly admire the fabulous people who have devoted their lives to trying to help them, but it seems to be an impossible task. How can they keep bringing such hope and help into peoples lives, day after day?? They will all be in my thoughts and prayers for a long time, I am certain.

 I am in the middle of getting the samples ready for preview weekend ( 30th, 31st Jan ), way behind with magazine articles ( sorry Louisa ), trying to get my demo samples done for CHA. Which reminds me, what is the weather like out there.?? It's always cold in the Convention centres, due to the air conditioning, but I can't remember California in January, so help me out please. The less clothes in the case, the more room to bring stuff back, methinks...

I,m afraid I still havent had the time to work out my photo problem on here, I tell you when I finally do there will be reams of them. I have got all my holiday ones, tons of journaling, samples, Fabby Dabby students hard at work ( as if, lol )  and an abundance of heels for shoe watch ( yes I have had a wee bit of a splurge again, don't think the therapy is working, really, lmao ). I am behind about 30 wardrobe remixes, so may have to abandon them and start again. Some fab ones from Emmi's birthday. If you have never experienced Abba singstar then you havent lived. It is hilarious. Similiar to Karaoke, but you compete against each other whilst dueting. It doesn't matter if you are terrible as long as you put the effort in. I normally hate anything like that but really enjoyed myself, the girlies are barmy, and next time they invite us round, they will need to provide complimentary Tena Ladies... I haven't a clue who they get it from..!!! And not sure what I am going to do in America as I now seem to have lost the camera lead, the spare camera lead and the universal camera lead. Don't ask cos I don't really know.!! How can anyone lose so many..??

Blimey Moses, I can't believe it, Jeremy Kyle is on at this time in the morning..Woop woop, I love him. Is that really bad to admit that in public.?? lmao.  I don't care though, nothing cheers me up or makes me feel grateful for my life than a double bill of Jeremy Kyle..!!!!!  I,ll never make it upstairs at this rate.. Especially to an empty bed. Aww, am I going soft in my old age..??  soft or doolally, not quite sure which. James does, he says living with me is like "care in the community", and that when he comes home he is going to apply for carer's allowance. I would get really offended but hes probably correct, lmao, I'm not sure I could cope with me never mind live with me. I thought you were supposed to mature gracefully as you got older, maybe my hormones havem't kicked in yet... Ah well I like it in my little world and the voices seem to like me being there so I'll stay a bit longer..

Ok got to go now, Jeremy will be revealing the "all important DNA tests" lol.

Enjoy xx


Paper Paradise said...

Oh Dyan, your blog posts never fail to make me chuckle! You need to write a book in your spare time (HA HA), it would be great reading! Seems you are full of beans at the minute, fantastic! James is obviously as therapeutic as your journalling! xxx

thea said...

hehehehehe, great post.


Unknown said...

welcome back hun we missed ya! Have uploaded a project to my blog loosely based on a class I did with you last year - would love to know what you think x J x

Kirsti said...

Sounds like you have been getting spoiled rotten Dyan... good for you - once the rot sets in it usually falls by the wayside - wish someone would spoil a wonderful time at CHA - wish I was coming with you....take care, Kirsti...xoxo

Jude said...

Phew! You're back! Was getting worried but by the sounds of things you've been well and truly pampered - yay!!! I'm on countdown now till the Art Journalling weekend - so excited! Didn't see the Secret Slumdog programme but I remember how upset I was after the actual movie and that was bad enough. Hard to believe that people are living day to day under such desperate conditions...we are very lucky. xxx

Bev said...

It's good to see you back, I've missed you. LOL.

olive said...

well chuck... sounds as if you've been having fun! As they say "old habits die hard" just keep the good ones. Sounds as though you have quite a bit on your plate.... take it easy, enjoy California (jealous) and hopefully see you end of Jan. Keep the faith..... Ciao xx
missed you & your ramblings!

angie's blogspot said...

Yeah your'e back, have missed reading your blog, but glad you've been chillin, I think I may have missed something a long the way, don't mean to be nosey or owt, but where did James spring from? One minute your'e single or so I thought, then James comes along, or was he always there? lol, I think I'm losing the plot LMAO xxxxx

The Crafts House said...

..missed you..i have had a spring clean of all things bloggy,twitty and facey...and you were no where to be found..phew glad your back as there are only 3 blogs i follow now...yours is a great miss,it keeps me normal no it keeps me as un-normal as i always have been!!

Virginia said...

I've missed your posts sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much but assumed you were partaking in normality for a bit! James is obviously having a fantastically great affect on your life letting you sleep, eat and minimising the work!

I'm also on countdown to art journaling weekend, my Mum asked tonight for a few hours practising as she hasn't a clue! Me and my sister managed an evening art journaling at Center Parcs recently - we had a great night, although I have to say my 10 year old niece turned out a better 'page' than me and my sister LMAO and she's not coming on the art journaling weekend! Do we need to bring anything? Maybe that's a question for a direct e-mail although you're so busy - you might not have time to reply!

Hope you have loads of sleep tonight I've only been in half an hour myself - blinking pizza and wine for tea - sod!!!!!! so much for watching what I'm eating - well I watched it then I ate it LOL!




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