Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well here we are lapping up the glorious weather in sunny California......Err strike is persisting down with rain. Oh yes and not just ordiinary rain , this is f ull blown monsoon rain, Typical, yeah..?? They are in the middle of the worse floods ever. When we landed at LA they were hving to cancel some flights due to the weather and it is not meant to pick up till the end of next week.. We actually arrived here last night very late after 26 hours on the move.Our day started at 4 in the morning and we went through 2 time zones.  This is me at 5.30 in Manchester airport  cutting out some of my downloads. Well you know me I can't sit and do nothing, lol. I journaled throughout both flights.

Today was spent at the mall trying to find warm clothes to wear and tonight we went out with the Ranger crew, always a fab laugh. Keep forgetting to take photos for you, will try harder tomorrow,
What I do have are photos of some of his new things.

First up are his new colours of Distress ink, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous..!!!  And these are my personal ones for stroking...

and the re- inkers

And these are 12 x 12 in papers to die for. 3 books in total...

I,ve loads more to show you later.

I picked up the most gorgeous baby Moleskines at the airport in Philadelphia, how cute are these..??

This is how small they are compared to my normal Moleskine.

I started the medium one, for my CHA trip.

And heres a few journal pages I did to keep me sane on the plane journeys.

We all went out last night for food and got a little merry therefore all the photos are blurred, ha ha . Here are the only ones worth showing.

Tim and Wendy Vecchi, yes really it is them..!!

My gorgeous babe Mario

The lovely Justin

Ok now I,m off to get more samples done. See you all later

Enjoy xx



Ohhh...I hpe you didnt leave your car at te airport when you could have left it at mine!! (5 minutes away!!!)
have a super time

Jane or Lisa T

Virginia said...

Ah babe - terrible weather - typical we seem to carry it in our back pocket. I've had my Mum over for an art journaling session - I don't think she knows what bit her - first it was baby wipes and colour - background of course, then it was stamping, then it was image then it was - well actually it was loud music and dancing and then having finished the wine we had a lager or two and then it was taxi time - I did say to my Mum it would be different when we met you but not sure we made the best art journaling impression far too much decent music to listen to -LMAO - have a great time - but don't forget to come back we need to need to come to an art journaling session that my Mum gets LMAO and Melanie says "do we need to bring owt - not that I've got owt to bring but ... do we?!!!"

Sue said...

Wow - looks like you are having an amazing time. Thanks for sharing - look forward to hearing more from you about it when I am up in February. Am already worried about my bank balance!

cockney blonde said...

How on earth did you get scissors through the airport security?????
I can't even get my eyebrow tweezers through.......Alison (CB) in Bradford, x

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