Friday, January 29, 2010

The pigeon post rumours were true.....

Yes you heard correctly, the new 2010 CHA release of Tim,s stamps are on out shelves. Yayyyy how did we do that then. Well we were the first order placed at CHA and there just happened to be an international going the next morning and lo and behold here they are. Thats a lot quicker than some of the stores in America. And before any of you start, no it wasnt favouritism we really were the first on the stand. It really helped that thay were next to the Ranger booth that I was demoing on.!!!Ben put them on line this afternoon and they are flying out the door. We ordered tons and tons ,cos they are of course fabbylicious but I still cant see them lasting long. Dont panic if you think some of the stamps look familiar. He has done his usual terific idea of making mini sets of his most popular. So the only problem is deciding which ones and getting your mitts on them before they all sell out.AGAIN..!!! Here they are in all their glory and you can buy them HERE

sooooo how cool are  they then..???

Heres a few more journal pages for you.

Its preview afternoon tomorrow 12 - 4, come along and see what I have planned workshop wise for the coming month. Please try not to come before hand as you all know I will be running around like a mad woman, trying to sam up, lma off.

And on Sunday we have our regular art journaling workshop. 10 - 3pm A lot of you are mithering that it isnt in a brochure, and you are right, thats cos we dont have a January brochure, lol. Just turn up with your journal, we,ll get the kettle on and have a bloody good cry, lol

And finally I am going to leave you with a litle tease. The person coming to teach art journaling in February has the initials D & W and I think she is absolutely fabulous with a style all her own. She has long been a favourite of mine, I have even participated in one of her online workshops, which you all haven,t seen yet.I think the dates are going to be 2&3 of March, but don,t quote me on it you all know I just make things up... Better wait for Ben to confirm it and open the registration. Ohh woop woop I am sooooo excited....

Right I really need to get some sleep soon, I don't think I am suffering from jet lag, but from jet awake. Why am I so odd ..??? I havent slept , bar the odd 30 mins here, since Tues. Ah well greater mysteries have occurred. Hope to see you this weekend

Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

I know who it is! Oh how to persuade DH and work I don't need to be there but at AFTH instead mmm. Love the declutter page my mind is totally needing. Everything is falling out my ears at the moment.

kjjc said...

My goodness the rumours were true I've just received my stamps ordered yesterday afternoon. thanks Em.

Anonymous said...

Love the stamps, love your pages... wowee! Have a great weekend!

olive said...

dont invite too many D, the pie wont go round!!!!! Ciao

Kirsti said...

OMG - I am sooooo wanting to come to that workshop but I just CAN'T.... I am gutted as she is my favourite at the moment... please, please, please persuade her to come again later in the year!!!!....xoxo

patcrafts said...

Dyan, I can come to Art Journal workshop tomorrow 31.01.10 my day out was cancelled at 5pm today so I wasn't able to let you know but no doubt you can find space for a little one.
Hugs Pat

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