Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yes shes here!!

Well she arrived and although I was looking forward to a girlie chat, ten minutes of the trials and tribulations of my love life put her in snoring heaven.!!! Charming.

She eventually awoke from her beauty sleep ( much needed in my opinion lol) and we decided to go shop for tea. Its Kirsty's birthday tomorrow so we were going to treat ourselves to a birthday tea. Ooh what shall we have , Thai, Chinese, Mexican, something exotic??? Oh go on then 2 ready cooked chickens and a pot of sour cream. What the f***. Any way we enjoyed it and it will do for dinner tomorrow. If you haven't booked on Kirsty's class tomorrow just leg it down to the studio for 10 o'clock to join in the fun. We have cake!!!

I finished of the other mosaic display board, so here's the finished result.

I just love it. I can see lots more of these coming on.
As you can see Kirsty was suitably impressed, don't think she quite understands my altered creations, do you?
As you can see a good time was had by all!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Dyan Love the boards - they look amazing! Wish I could have come for Kirstys class too but we have only one car and Megs riding today boo hoo. Ive done some birthday books using blonde moments papers pop over to my blog and have a peep x

Marie R said...

Ummm what can we say!!!! By the way Dyan you are very much in the bad books here in Preston! Deborah is leaping up and down like a thing possessed as Tim is coming 1 day too soon! Half term doesn't start until the day after!!!! Anyway she says she will see you at Harrogate in March so good luck! Sadly I won't be there as I'll be in France visiting my daughter; she is the hotel manager in a ski resort on the French Italian border in the Alps. It was such a difficult choice!!!!!

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