Friday, February 13, 2009


OMG what a night mare. Blogger would not let me play last night, I couldn't upload and it kept kicking me out. I was soooo tired so in the end I gave up!! Will try and get it all updated after toady's fabby alcohol ink class. Will need to be tonight before I set off for the trade show at Birmingham. Tomorrow I am assisting Tim in his classes for retailers, which is always good for a laugh. Got loads of photos and gossip about his visit to my studio.

Just time before everyone arrives to do a quick shoe watch. Bought these beauties when Me, Tim Alain and Mario were on a shopping expedition on Weds. I was just lingering around whilst waiting for them to make up their minds and I spotted these bad boys out of the corner of my eyes. Well it was love at first sight, they were mine come hell or high water lol. They fit like a dream and are so comfy. I have spent most of my life decked out in Dr Martens footwear, but decided on my 40th birthday that it was time to grow up and so relegated them all to the charity shop. I have regretted it ever since lol.

These are a fabby updated more feminine version.
Taffetta ribbons as laces.
Pink tartan linings
Stunning large pink eyelets
Roll down option
Ooooh I would wear them to bed if he would let me!!!!!

Not very ladylike but extremely Dy like. Love em , love em, love em!!!! xx


Paul B said...

Fab Boots Dy! Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday and have a great time at Stitches

Paul xx

Unknown said...

Love the boots! Did mean to comment on them yesterday - you did look great in them! Cant tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday - please pass on huge thanks from the Skipton Gang - I just know his raffle prize tag will be much sought after.

Anonymous said...

Omigosh, I neeed those boots! Where did you get them from?!!

Diane.W. said...

Those boots are fab!!! I know I saw them,lol!!! They suit you very much.
Have a great time at the show :o)x

Michelle said...

I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed those boots.
They look fab!!!
Where did you get them??? Pretty please.
Haven't seen anything like those over here in Ireland.
Your Blog is great by the way.
Michelle xx

Marie R said...

Wow, wow & wow love 'em!!

Anne Essex said...

Wow Dyan, I love the lining, they are gorgeous turned down.

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