Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy birthday to you!

The wonderfully talented, gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman was teaching at my place today, working her magic with the preview of her new product. It is a printables cd, but unfortunately is not available to purchase for a fortnight . It went down a storm and I think it is gonna fly when it is released. Don't worry we will be stocking it as soon as it is out. Today was her birthday but she didn't want a cake. Tough I say so compromised with some scrummy Thornton's individual buns. Bit confused when I collected the plates in at the end, 2 of the candles were missing!!! Do you think they were eaten by mistake??

I love it when she is teaching as it means I can get on with lots of other jobs. Last time she was here she only blooming went and posted photos on her blog of my messy desk. How dare she?? Any way its a well known fact that that us creatives are a messy lot. Something to do with having left sided brains?? I don't know but it sounds like a really good excuse to me! Well I decided this week to move the studio around a bit. Make a bit more room for Tim's visit. So today's job was finishing off tidying one of my areas. Hey don't expect miracles. The other area is still messy but conveniently hidden around the back lol.

I'd forgotten what this table looked like!!

How long do you think this will last ?lol.

I have had a mad rush of making journal pages today, so I will show you more in detail tomorrow.


Donna said...

I just wanted to leave a little luv. I come via Tim's blog and check yours as often as I am on his. I just wanted you to know you rock. I luv your blog. You must be amazing in person cuz you are on your blog. Your work blows me away. So thank you from a far away fan who is in awe. And if ever I come your way be sure I will rock some kick ass shoes right into your door.

Dylan said...

Aww thanks for that Donna. Life is all about making art and wearing rocking footwear!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Tim's visit on Thursday!! better Google a map to your place!!! glad Kirsty had a fab birthday!! Love those pages by the way! Caroline x

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