Monday, February 16, 2009

Kick Ass Boots.

OK, OK, OK, I know I forgot to tell you where I got the boots. They are from Schuh I got them in Leeds but as you can see I have tracked them down on line for you. They are so comfy and they have never left my feet for the last few days. And to answer a question yes I did remove them Valentines night!!! And for all of those who ask if I mind if they get a pair as well. Do I eckers like!! lol. Lets get Dr Martens rocking our world whilst we are still young enough not to give a damm!!


Classroomfree said...

Oh I like - I like very much. I'm afraid I'm already a DM convert though, so you can't work your magic on me. I have an old (gloriously worn) pair of Purple DMs, but my newest pair are shiny pink and stunningly gorgeous - they get attention wherever I go lol. There is a picture at the bottom of this posting here...

Pink boots

Michelle said...

Thanks Dylan.
My size is out of stock but should be back in on the 19th.
Lucky me My birthday is the end of march so i think I will treat myself.
I am going to be 41 and have never had the guts to wear Doc's, But have always had a burning desire. :-)
Michelle xx

crimsoncat05 said...

I LOVE these boots!! I only wish I could add them to my Doc Martens collection- maybe for my birthday, too! (40th!!)

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