Monday, February 2, 2009

Dark clouds and silver linings

Yesterday did not start out looking good. It was my dads anniversary which , of course, always makes me sad. But to top it not only is mum in hospital at the moment, but by a strange twist she is in the same ward that dad died in. You cant make it up can you?? But thanks to a fantastic bunch of ladies on the workshops a good day was had by all. It was a bit of a mix in the class. 2 people were doing the Year Ahead album from Saturday, 2 people were doing last weeks Journal workshop and we had 7 new people just starting out on the Art Journal Journey. Tea, chocolate and laughter kept us all going, throughout the day.

Emmi has been really poorly for the last few days and she surprised me by appearing in the shop with a large bunch of tulips. She didn't want me to be on my own. Awww bless her!!

I had really good intentions of going home and journalling all evening but couldn't pull myself out of feeling sad. So instead treated myself to steak and spinach and strawberries and cream. Whey hey. I also watched 4 episodes of Project catwalk, back to back. What a treat!! I just luuurve that programme and I can hardly wait for the next American series to start this week. I have to say that Sky + is the best discovery ever, watch what you want whenever you want and skip all the adverts. Wouldn't that be cool in life some days if you could just fast forward all the bad bits???

Woke up this morning to beautiful snow everywhere. Picked Emmi up from her house ( they always seem to cancel the trains in this weather) and we just had to stop and take some photos.

Whatever you are doing today, just make sure you drive carefully!!


Bee and Dee said...

Hope you Mum is feeling a little better. Sounds like the workshops were great, maybe one day I will join one. The pictures are great

Katy said...

Sending you lots of hugs Dyan


Anne Jagger said...

Hope your Mum improves Dyan. Take care. x

Quote of the Century

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