Friday, February 13, 2009

Ben is gonna kill me, lol

Oh no, I have officially run out of time already this evening. So wont have time to blog about Tim or show you the piccies (Sorry Ben). Where I am going this evening has no internet and then I am at the NEC all weekend. Will report back asap with everything, PROMISE!!
I,ll just quickly show you these. First the gorgeous Mario my bubbly partner in crime.
He who must be obeyed and lover of Marmite, Alain

And finally my shopping twinnie


Diane.W. said...

Fab Piccies!!!
Have a great weekend :o)x

sam21ski said...

It was a fab day - thanks for the opportunity xxxxxx

Paper Paradise said...

Just to say the gang from Grimsby had a fantastic time, thanks to everyone involved for making us so very welcome and giving such inspirational demos. Enjoy stitches, sorry we won't be there.... Look forward to seeing the photos and another visit to your fantastic studio soon.

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