Monday, July 4, 2016

Where am I and where I am headed!!

It's the 4th of July today and here I am inCancun  Mexico. This is the email I sent Ranger

Lol. People keep asking me if we celebrate the 4th in the UK! C'mon guys!!! We lost remember!!!

So around the 4th everything shuts down and no one wants you around. Awwwww. So I took myself off for a working break seeking inspiration, well that's the official line!!!

I am actually working very hard, as you can see.

This place is as beautiful at night as it is at day.

I had a little friend join me for breakfast, Irene the Iguana. Isn't she gorgeous, once you get over the shock! She's over 2ft long and very friendly

I was a bit uncertain about the food when I arrived as, although there was a large selection of veg, most of it had cheese or something on it! #problemsofatravelingvegan396. So I had a word with my butler! He he, oh yes, you get a butler when you are residing in The  Royal Towers !!!! Well where else did you think I'd be??
Since then the chefs have gone out of their way to provide me with fabulous nutritional meals at every sitting! Not sure I will fit in the plane to go home.

Nothing but praise and 5stars for the staff. One small problem ...I'm missing my Boo, but I had a long FaceTime with him this morning so feeling happier!

This weekend 9/10 th July I will appearing at Stamp Fest in Carson California with the fabulous Stampers Anonymous. Come see me.

The following weekend 16/17th I will be in Dallas at the fabulous Big Mouth Scrappers. I think there are a couple of spaces on 1 of the days!

23/24th I will be at Scrapbooking Forever, Westlake Village, California. Still some spaces left if you want to come join me.

30/31st July you will find me at Scrapmania, Cedar Rapids

And finally the 5/6th August I will be in Cinncinatti at the fabulous Stampaway show.

In between those appearances I am doing a retailer training day, 2 distributor training days, a couple of days holed up filming videos, and a fleeting visit to the Office. See it's not all sand sea and shenanigans. 

Hope to see you on my travels

Enjoy xx


Caroline D. said...

You lead a wonderful life you know! I hope all the good memories and photos of your R&R in Cancun will carry you through all the upcoming travel and work days. As always, thanks for taking time to share your fun photos. :)

Unknown said...

R&R is always best with sunshine and sand! Travel well and keep enjoying life to its fullest!

Sarah - Stamp Addicts said...

Wow Dyan, how your life has changed since we first met. I am so happy for you, and just a little bit jealous :) Best wishes Sarah (Stamp Addicts)

Alberto Zanini said...


Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott