Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Two videos for you

Hi lovelies, the other week when I was in Phoenix, at Tim and Marios, we made some quick info videos for you.

The first is about my new paint pens. 

Now I really love these but I have noticed that a few people are being a bit heavy handed with them. They have an extremely fine point, the finest point I have ever seen on a PAINT pen.When you depress the nib you  have to give the pen time for the paint to slowly feed up into it. It just takes a little patience because paint is thicker than ink. Also my paint is quick drying so sometimes it will dry on the nib. rubbing it over a damp baby wipe will remove the skin and the pen will write again.

The second video is introducing my latest paint colours.

three vibrant jewel colours
Pure Sunshine
Polished Jade 
Funky Fuchsia

one neutral
Slate Grey

two earthtones
Ground Coffee
Chopped Pesto

Enjoy xx


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making these videos! The pen video was very helpful and I'm excited about the new colors!

Caroline D. said...

Great vids... thanks for sharing. :) Congratulations on all your continued success! oxo

Unknown said...

Love your videos, thank you for the tips. From Australia Down Under

candie said...

Thank you so much for the great videos! I learn so much from you xo

Unknown said...

Great videos Dyan! I absolutely love learning techniques from you also always love your products and new colours 💟👑🎨 Thank you so much!

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