Monday, July 18, 2016

Tales from my travels...

From the tranquil calm of Cancun to the manicness of California!
I was demoing, for Stampers Anonymous, at The Carson Show. It was so busy I didn't get chance to take many photos, just a messy table at the end of the day, lol.

But!!!!! We did get time to go to Downtown Disney, of course.

Where we proceeded with the annual tradition of lets get Dyan in a Disney hat !!!!

They just aren't for me lol
 But Mr Stampers Anon himself, the lovely Theodore looks fabulous !!

Now this is more like it!!

I might have just have purchased a new teaset!!

A good time was had by all.

Was great to catch up with Teesha at the show

and her lovely hubby Tracy...sorry about the blurry picture!!!

Next stop up the mountains to Tim and Marios

Although we got through a ton of work we also had a lot of fun.
Mario gave my hat the seal of approval

and Tim introduced me to the world of snap chat filters!

Then it was back down the mountain and on to Texas, where my first port of call was to the lovely Paige who completely restored my frazzled locks.

I was in Texas to teach at Big Mouth Scrappers, Forney. A fabulous treasure trove. Just look at the classroom area!!

The lovely Emily made me a welcome cake but some one got the first slice before I could photo it, lol

 Here's the lovely Emily, who was my carer in the community for the duration of my visit. I am sure I corrupted her and she will never be the same again !!!

After a long day, its feet up and a gluten free vegan beer!

 The owner of the store, the fabulous Cindy, took me to my next destination. Now I need me some of her glasses !!!

I am still in Texas, today was a demo and presentation for retailers and tonight/tomorrow I am at Michaels Corporate Headquarters teaching workshops, before I fly back to California, where I will be teaching at Scrapbooking Forever, Westlake.
Unfortunately there are no spots left and a waiting list, so sorry if you missed out.

The following weekend I will be teaching at Scrapmania, Cedar Rapids. I know there are a few spots still available so hopefully I will see you there.

I will leave you with a page from my black journal, incorporating the Puddy Cat stamps from the latest release.

  1. Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

You are awesome!!

Tee said...

I will make it to one of your classes!!! Looks like you had so much fun and hoot to around .

Mel- said...

I'm soooooo excited that you're coming to Westlake Village! ! (I think I got the first spot in class). And I can't wait to get my hands on this kitty stamps. Safe journey and we'll see you Saturday. (Oh and you totally picked the best hat! )

bronnyk said...

Wow. ..I just loved these photos of your trip. .. totally hilarious! The hats, the snap chat pics.... I so wish I could have been there. ..:-)

Unknown said...

I so miss you. Can not wait to see you at Collins. Love your Jewish Mother

Caroline D. said...

You are amazing! Glad you can have good fun in between the work days.

cari said...

Thanks for the demo and visiting us today!

Unknown said...

Wow you never stop!!
Loving the kitty stamps too.
Take Care fellow redhead x❤️X

kay(texfolkart) said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time!!! So wish I could be with you and teesha next year.....
Miss seeing you mwah!!

Luvnlife500 said...

Looks like you're having a DYANOMITE time! I met you in Carson, first pic and art journal page on Sunday. Fortunately, I was able to squeeze into the last spot for Sunday's Tags class at Westlake Village... EXCITED! See ya' soon! :-)

BJP said...

Aha!!! Now I get it with the pens.
Had made all the mistakes you mentioned, and was feeling disappointed.

Thanks so much. I appreciate the care and integrity with which you support with your very fine products. Cant wait to try the grey.

Glad you are having fun this side of the pond.
Best as ever, Beverly

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