Thursday, September 17, 2015


I have been so busy travelling, teaching, being Mother of the Bride etc, that I completely ran out of time to tell you about a fabulous online class that I have been asked to participate in. Now, as you know, I don't join in many as my schedule is too hectic, but this one really spoke to me and I couldn't say no. That tells you how good it is. doesn't it.

Yes indeedy, I'm a guest tutor on Radiant II

How frikkin exciting is that???

Rather than tell you all about it, you might as well hear it from Effy herself, as she tells it better than anyone, (well it is her baby, lol)

I am so excited to announce that I have put together an amazing collaborative experience for you in which you will get to sit down (virtually, of course) with me, Effy, and a dream team of FIFTEEN of my favourite mixed media art teachers. Together, we are going to immerse ourselves in the whys and hows of mixed media art journaling through thirteen full lessons, two bonus lessons and FIFTEEN ADDITIONAL LESSONS by yours truly!

Check out this list of names:

Tamara LaPorte, Tangie Baxter, Dyan Reaveley, Sarah Trumpp, France Papillon, Micki Wilde, Juna Biagioni, Iris Fritschi-Cussens, Marieke Blokland, Nolwenn Petibois, Jeanette Montero, Kelly Hoernig, Felicia Borges, with bonus lessons by Andrea Schroeder & Chelle Stein!

What makes this class really special for me (and maybe for you, too) is that along with the lessons and musings from your teachers, you will also get a full length video walk through of my own personal take on each teacher's lesson! In other words, I'll be right there with you, in the
learning trenches, making mistakes, working out substitutions, and figuring out how to apply each lesson to my own style of art!

BONUS: I will be teaching my much loved Ultimate Class as well, bringing our total up to 31 lessons!

*31 in depth lessons for $99.00! (15 by our guest artists and 16 by your hostess, Effy Wild) Class begins October 1, 2015*

To join go HERE

Need More Details?

*Here's how it works:*

All guest artist lessons + all bonus lessons will be live and available for you to enjoy on October 1 2015! It's an ART JOURNAL BUFFET, Y'ALL!

Each guest teacher's lesson will include in depth video tutorials, a supplies list, and a PDF walk through with musings. All videos and PDFs will be down loadable and are yours to keep. Do them in order or skip around and do the ones that call to you on any given day! You have total freedom here!

*I will also demonstrating my own take on each guest teacher's lesson, including the bonus lessons.* Every second week I will release a new lesson that is, essentially, my 'take on' a guest artist's lesson. All of the additional lessons provided by me will also include in depth video
tutorials, a supplies list that includes my suggested substitutions, and a full colour PDF walk-through.

The class will remain open indefinitely. What does this mean? As long as I'm still teaching, and Vimeo still serves video, you will have access to all the content.
 Fifteen Teachers! Thirty-One Lessons!
At least thirty hours of video instruction!

All for $99.00!

To register go HERE

To find out more about each of the fabulous tutors, there is info at each of the links

France Papillon
Micki Wilde
Iris Fritschi-Cussens
Marieke Blokland
Felicia borges
Andrea Schroeder
Tangie Baxter
Tamara Laporte
Dyan Reavely
Jeanette Montero
Kelly Hoernig
Sarah Trumpp
Nolwenn Petitbois
Juna Biagioni
Chelle Stein

In my portion of the class, I have recorded videos where I walk you back through some of my very first art journals from years ago, showing and explaining how and why my style has developed. You also get to find out what art journaling means to me, and how and why it is like oxygen to me.
Then there are step by step videos where I journal a page from start to finish. I cover hidden journaling, masking techniques, collage, doodling, writing and finishing. You too can follow and journal along with me.

To celebrate we are doing a giveaway. Yes thats right we are giving away a place for this course. Leave me a blog comment telling me why you would like it and I will pick a winner.

In the meantime for more details, go check it out HERE

I do hope I have got you excited enough to join me on this fabulous journey with an array of fabulous teachers, all reigned upon by the Queen, Effy herself. Treat yourself and inhale your own oxygen along with us.

Mwah xx


pam said...

That is VERY exciting ! I would love to do it because it sounds like it would be a challenge and a welcome escape . :)

ldfdesign said...

Oh my gosh! Why would I love it??? Learning all the great techniques and ideas would really help me to become more comfortable with my art journaling!! How fun!!

angel4ever said...

I would love to do this!!! I have been art journaling for about a year. I do it as therapy as a way to escape the stress and pressures of my career. I'm a teacher and some days are extremely challenging, lol. I wouldn't do any other job though because I love teaching! But Art Journaling has helped me to stay centered and focused.

This is a great giveaway! Good luck to everyone!!!!!

Really........ said...

I am familiar with most of you and love you all! Not being able to see well for two months has made me cherish every ounce of art I can muster up... It would be an honor to get my creative edge back learning from each of you !

Unknown said...

Quite simply...what a dream come true it would be to win an opportunity like this. I will soon be turning 60 (although I really don't believe it!!) and what a great gift this would myself.

craftnrun said...

Wow! This course sounds amazing. I have been experimenting in my journal for a year now since I saw Dyan's videos on youtube. I have been looking for an online course to take to learn some new techniques and this one sounds wonderful. Thank you to all of the artists for sharing their knowledge and I can't wait to learn.

Wyvern said...

WOW! What a great class! I started Art Journaling a couple years ago as it seemed to be an extension of my altered book art passion. I am stumped currently with how to develop it into something that is more "me" and how to define my "style", if I even have one. I think I've got the "art" part but the "journaling" part is a bit more elusive. This class sounds like it would such a great inspiration due to the varying styles and approaches of all the wonderful artists involved. Thanks for giving an opportunity to take the class. I'll have it on my radar either way!

Unknown said...

What a hoot to spend hours online with you. We are counting the days until you return to your rightful home, Iowa.
Best, Jane

liannallama said...

What a wonderful lineup! I love all the teachers and it's going to be wonderful.

Elisabetta said...

I love your style and work and I love the idea of having the classes always available so I can work any time at my own pace! Elisabetta

Claudia de Nooijer said...

I started Art Journaling after the loss of my beloved cat……. It helped me ease the pain. I made lots of pages about her and my love for her. Within 8 months my other cat died (really unexpected, she was so healthy and within a few days she turned really sick and died), and I continued Art Journalling, but then the pages became 'darker' and filled with sadness. My first Big Dylusions Journal was really the sad journal. Now I started in the second journal, and it's less dark and sad. When you released the stamps of Winston and Lulu it made me very happy.
I really love to enter this course, because maybe I fill up my second journal with more happy pages.

Love from the Netherlands, Claudia

sylvia said...

Art journaling turns off all the noise and anxiety in my head. Whether it's 5minutes or a couple of hours, whatever I can manage, it's an oasis. Exploring colour and mark making makes me happy and it's just for me.

Emie58 said...

Would LOVE to win a spot!!! Such a lovely lineup of instructors!

Unknown said...

This sounds all too amazing :) I only dropped into journaling a few weeks ago and only just today received my first load of Dylusions awesomeness hehe, so a place in this class would be a kick start for the journaling journey. None the less, if I don't make the grade.....I'll still watch all the video's I can find of you my lovely Dyan :) because I, like many others, think your amazing x

catherine said...

This is so very exciting news Dyan and it's great to hear from you on your blog. As I have just started a new creative path at the moment I would love to have a go at this course as I so need to keep my skills going. Fabulous giveaway and good luck to whoever is lucky to win a place.
x catherine

Anonymous said...

OMG! This line-up looks fantastic!! I've heard of almost all of these teachers, and it would be absolutely mind blowing if I could win a spot on this course! Thank you for the opportunity!

Papercraft Cafe said...

This sounds amazing. I'm a big fan of several of the teachers you have lined up and I'm always inspired by watching/reading about how people got started with art journaling and their creative process. I'm an art journal newbie, but I meet monthly with a group of women who are exploring this wonderful hobby and we are learning from each other. I'd love a chance to join in!

Anonymous said...

As a single mom of twin toddlers my art journal is my outlet and I would love to be able to learn from the best!! Finding inspiration and new ways of doing something is always a treat!! Hope I can join you!

fyrefli said...

Dyan, I have admired you for years and never been quite able to master the techniques. You are so far away that I haven't had an oppurtunity to take a class from you (or anyone else from this amazing list of teachers), as I am in Canada. These video classes would be awesome to have and work through, it would be like you are right there with me! And like you said it's therapy and would spur me to spend every moment I have in my art room.

Bødker said...

Uh... how exicting!
It is so great that there is a lot of online workshops, so we are able to join things far away from us.
Having the money for it is another thing... :-D

This workshop sounds amazing.
I have always LOVED to be creative and try many different things and materials.
Lately it has been art journaling and mixed media, and who knew that would make me better at painting :-) We learn all the time, and it would be so awsome to join this one, with such talented teachers.
If I could participate in this workshop I would learn and grow as a "artist" and be able to do some more different techniques, which is key to everything!

Glorymoo said...

Of course I would love to win a spot - all of you together in one place (my computer) teaching me... I've watched you in You Tube videos, Dyan, but would love to be more up close, with the whole thing put together, not just one technique.
Glory Mooberry

M. Austen said...

Hi Dyan,
Let me tell you I just love your art and think you are soooooooooo talented!!! I love all your instructional videos and can’t get enough. I just very recently purchased your new paints and my 2nd large art journal (already have the spray inks) and would love to make great use of them. I would be over the moon thrilled to win a spot in RadiantII!! Forgot to mention that I am very passionate about art, mixed media and art journaling! Also, it would make a fantastic birthday gift as my birthday is in a few days!! Just sayn… Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Sharka said...

How WOWonderful! A great class and lineup of instructors! I've been doing some kind of journaling since I can remember and have gotten more serious into Art Journaling the last couple years as I saw that huge 'scrapbook' fad slowly disappearing and changing at he same time. Art Journaling is an extension/hobby of my day-to-day job being a visual artist. I find it takes courage to be creative... courage can be a funny thing. My favourite quote: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” This class would give me more inspiration, courage to keep creating and learning because the journey’s not nearly complete!

The Hardy Stamper said...

How lovely! I have been stamping for about 17 years now, but am yet to venture into Art Journalling. I do however own all your ink sprays and paints, some of your stamps and stencils and have even bought one of your journals which remains blank as I'm not confident enough to christen it yet! I'd love to win a place so that I can remedy that. Thanks for the chance :)

sandi said...

Ohh this is so exciting! I would love to win a spot- I really would love to learn art journaling from you and all of your wonderful co-teachers! Thanks for the opportunity!

Rea' said...

How exciting for you Dyan and such an amazing opportunity!

Unknown said...

I would love to win a spot on here because of the variety of different things I will learn

Unknown said...

I'm taking Tam's Life Book 2015 & it's expanded my world. I've seen you on you tube videos, & you're so funny! I bet your classes are a hoot! I have some of your stamps, & ordered your journal block. You bring laughter to my soul!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited! I can't wait for this class. The teacher line up is awesome!

Cynthea said...

I love all these instructors so much and took Radiant Faces. I like this structure for an art journaling class, very different. I am on limited income after retiring early due to illness, I always had plenty of money ( not rich but middle income as RN). I am presently not in a position to pay for this class, and will have to wait unless I win a spot. Effy is very generous with the giveaways :) Looking forward to a class with you; I have only seen you on short youtube videos! thanks for sharing

Kristin Rhodes said...

I need motivation to use the products I've collected over the years and an emotionally constipated so need a fun place to let go

2 Worlds said...

This would be a great opportunity to learn from this great lined up thanks for this opportunity

nora said...

OMG Winning a spot would be such an honor. Or you could be our guest in Northwest Montana and really blow our minds. Love everything about your art.

Tracy said...

Winning a spot would be so totally awesome!! I love a challenge, and I really admire your work, among others. And I love learning new techniques from new-to-me teachers. Thanks and stay fabulous!

søren said...

Dyan, I just finally got some of your spray and one of your journals and I am so excited to play. I'd love to win a spot in Radiant, thank'you!

~Lisa said...

How exciting!!! Looking forward to learning more from you & the others, BONUS getting to see you twice as much!!!

miranda said...

Would really really love too win a spot. Admire all the artists but aspecially your work !!maybe you can Come too the netherlands some Day and I can join your classes .in the mean while I love too join you online😀😀

Unknown said...

oh my that sounds fabulous!! please include me in your giveaway Dyan, I am obsessed with your paints right now and am bumbling my way along in a big and a small of your journals, i would love this class for inspiration, ideas and instruction.

Claire said...

Would love to win a spot - have just started art journalling and I'm loving it. This lineup looks fab and I think it's great you get all the videos available at once so you can choose who to watch depending on how you're feeling. Hope you're having fun over in the states! Claire x

Pam said...

Hello Dyan! Isis the dog owner Pam is up to her eyeballs in paints and sprays and other colourful things so I thought I would drop you a line. Please pick her to take this class as I am really sick of having paints stuck to my fur all the time. Maybe with a class or 2 I might be able to keep my merle coat shiny instead of pink, purple and blue! Thank you for the consideration. Woof woof ;)

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