Monday, September 21, 2015

The journey so far!!!!!

So after all the excitement of the wedding...Yes I know I haven't blogged yet, but I was time to head of back to the States.

Only this time I have a travelling companion for some of the time. Yes Mr Babe of Deliciousness (Mr BOD) is accompanying me.

He has never been Stateside so it will be a first for him.

First port of call was to The Collins rep show in Orlando. Here's my classroom all set up and ready to go.

Look what I found in concierge!!!! You can take the girl out of Yorkshire, but you can't take Yorkshire out of the girl.

 I flew in after the lovely Wendy Vecchi had gone, but here's two of my other partners in crime, Tim and Dina.

I had a fabulous treat on the Monday as I got to sit in on Tim's class and I made this for the store. Don't know why its upside down, but its not for shifting lol !!

Then it was on to Texas to stay with the fabulous Jim and Cesar.

Oooh my new luggage was awaiting me...

Jim and I decided to break Andy in gently with a visit to Spirit of Halloween, lol.

treated him to a small brunch!!!

and found him a record shop...happy days!!

Later in the week we left him doing the gardening...

whilst Jim and I popped out for a few essential errands...ahem!!!

Oooh not sure how these came home with me...

but they seem to go with every outfit, so might as well keep them, lol

Friday sees us on our way to The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie. Of course we had to stop off at the famous Kolache Bakery And as they say 'when in Rome!'

As you can see great fun and shenanigans were had by all. I will be blogging my adventures at Then Crafty Scrapper tomorrow, but here's where you can catch me next weekend.

Fri/Sat/Sun 25/26/27th Sept
The Scrapbooking Studio, Moline, Illinois

To book any of the above classes go HERE

Enjoy xx


Sue said...

Too. Much. Fun! So glad Mr. BOD got to accompany you on this trip.

The Hardy Stamper said...

Looks like you are having a great time. Lucky you to get to stay with Jim & Cesar!

stamping sue said...

Looks like you are having fun!!! keep having fun!
stamping sue

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