Friday, February 6, 2015

The ongoing saga at Reaveley Towers...

Todays news…

The tiles are nearly done but the bath is still AWOL!!! 
The toilet arrived but can't be fitted as the cistern is broken.
The sink that came was tiny and had to be reordered.
Because the missing bath is freestanding, the floor can't be tiled until they know where to put the pipes.
One step forward, 3 steps back.

Had a fabulous day at AFTH teaching my regular Art Journalers. They were using my new Dylusions paints…the ONLY full set in existence lol and I was teaching them my brayered backgrounds. Sunday journalers don't panic, they didn't empty the jars!!

They made some fabulous covers for their journals.

Here's a few pages I've finished lately

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

Love your work its beautiful and really is from your heart. Thank you for sharing xx

Unknown said...

I love your style ! I watch your videos constantly !

Sandra Hall said...

Bathroom tiles looking good :-) Also like the border on the "She found her own solutions page :-)

Caroline D. said...

Your pages are gorgeous...every single one!! And the covers that your art journaling gang made are stunning! I'm loving your new stamps and stencils... mine came in the past weekend. I'm patiently waiting with the rest of world to get the new paints.
Hoping your renovations go much smoother. I don't know why "they" (workmen and stores) make it so difficult to remodel.
Thanks for sharing the photos!

stamping sue said...

WONDERFUL! can't wait to get my hands on your paints!
stamping sue

Carol McCready said...

The new tiles look nice. Love the journal pages.

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