Friday, September 5, 2014

New AFTH journaling dates, and fun with found relatives…UPDATED WITH LINK)

At the moment I am struggling to find dates to fit in my regular journaling workshops at Art from the Heart, but I have found two I can squeeze in.
The first is a week on Sunday, 14th Sept and it will combine the Friday and the Sunday regulars, so seats will be limited.
I'm then leaving for the US again but I am flying back in to teach a weekend retreat in November so will squeeze another date in there.
That will be Friday 7th November. Again it will combine Friday and Sunday regulars.
Please note both of these dates are for the regulars who attend both of these closed groups.

You will find me at Art from the Heart on Saturday the 13th Sept at our Open day/Preview day. This is where we preview all the available classes for the Oct/Nov and December.
Instead of our taster classes we are having a Workshop sale, yes Our Ben has got me clearing the studio of products we no longer have room for. so come along and grab a previously used bargain.

I popped into the shop today and surprised two lovely customers, one all the way from Australia and one from New Zealand. Mind you I'm not actually sure who was the most shocked to see me appear, the ladies or Our Ben !!!
He was unpacking the new deliveries which amongst many gorgeous goodies, contained some of the new Tim Holtz Idea-ology. I can't link you as they are not on the website at the mo,(UPDATE GO HERE) but they include the new seasonal Found Relatives, which reminded me I had never shown you what I got up to with the original set.

A few weeks ago the fabulous Dina Wakely had some on her blog which she had tarted up with paint and neocolours. Go see HERE

I have a slightly different approach and use my trusty Posca Paint Markers. I have used practically every marker going and these still remain my favourites.

The Found Relatives I used are THESE

I managed an hour out in the garden this afternoon with my lovely Pusscat and this is what I was up to using the spade mask from my Suits stencil.

Enjoy xx


LieselPaula said...

These are so your style, Lady Dy. I could pick them as yours any day! Too much fun. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

joy said...

So fun! I love the new stencils!

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