Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My adventures so far...

I am here in sunny Florida with the fabulous Jill. Love her so much. Staying with her is a joy and one of the 3 place in the US I like to call home, lol. How lucky am I. Two homes in England  and three in America!!!  I like to think of myself as a treasured house guest, but in reality I am, probably, more of a squatter he he.

Unfortunately I seem to have brought the rain. Not just a fine mist either more like a frikkin monsoon, lol. Sorry about that.

But just look at this fantastic sunset from the other evening.

I am here at Whimsodoodle in St Petersburg, teaching stitched canvas classes and having a fabulous time. Unfortunately, so far I haven't taken many photos at all :-( . But we have had full classes bursting with creativity and fun.

How cool is this welcome? But who is this polished lady on the sign??

Sunday was the stitched canvas journal

After class we did a bit of shopping at Target, where they had the biggest selection of Monster High dolls I have ever seen. It was agonising deciding which ones I needed and which to leave behind. Before you all judge, they are for inspiration not for playing !!!! lmao...

Before the class started on Monday evening I had a visitor. The lovely Mary, after finishing the Sunday class, had rushed home to make this layout of her day. That was so lovely of her.

How (ab)fabulous is this. I added the Patsy and Eddie tags, lol.

Thank you Mary, you are a doll.

Monday nights class was once again packed with excited ladies and once again I forgot to take any photos until the end.

The class was stitched canvas Christmas decorations.

Works in progress.

I have one more class this evening and we do have a few seats still available. This is what we will be making, stitched canvas guardian girl tags.

If you would like to join us please call  727-827-4911 to reserve a place. Beginners welcome.

Enjoy xx


Kathyk said...

And I bet that (by the time I get there next week) you'll have gone home!!!


Gems Inky antics said...

Hi Dy, looks like you're having a fab time.... I absolutely love the stitched tags, book and Xmas decorations, they're gorgeous. Can we do them at afth at some point?
Miss ya mwah xoxo

Marci said...

Love the stitched canvas projects!!!

Rea' said...

Looks like you ladies had a ball. The Stitched canvas dolls are soooooooooo cute !

Donna B. said...

You know I love those canvas ornaments. Love that you colored them with inks in water pens. I'm slowly growing my collection of water pens and I'm totally making some of these ornaments this year!! Have fun in Florida. I hope you get back up here one day soon!!

SamsHomeCookedDesigns.com said...

Hi Dyan, looks like you are having fun as always. I love your Canvas ornaments and Dolls too. Had a great day at AFTH last week, took a newbie there she did the usual WOW when she walked in. See you soon. xxx

Claudine said...

Wow, I love all the stitched canvases and ornaments, this is so cool!! When are you coming around Colorado?? haha!!!

NBCT5 said...

Hello. At Whimsodoodle I talked to you about your trip in May. Well, I've signed up! Not sure if the hills are alive enough for all of us! Lol looking forward to touring and journaling with you and others in the Alps.

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