Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ooooooh you've got to be quick round here haven't you..??

Yup thats right…you snooze you lose..!!! Sorry about that.

Mind you a little birdie told me that I might be releasing something equally as fabulous in the next few days.
And it includes me, the Von Trapp family, a Nun and a cheery irishman.

Ponder on that one for a wee while…..

Enjoy xx


Claudine said...

Wow, that's awesome Dyan. I so wanted to do this, funds do not permit me but I'm so happy that you have sold out!! YAY!

Caroline D. said...

Congrats on a sell-out workshop all sold in what, a week and a half!! I normally do not wish away time, but I am already looking forward to the event in Feb! Hmmmm... what could your other surprise be... Your Von Trapp family could be Ranger Folks, a nun... that is much harder to guess... and a cheery irishman... is Jim Hankins from Irish blood? bwahahaha Or maybe it is a fab trip with ScrapMap?? Or new stamps coming out!!! You're such a good tease... ;)

Unknown said...

Loving that photo of both you and Dina. You both look fab!
That's you busy (just typed busty lol) next year.
See you soon lovely xx

margie said...

I'll be there!!! I haven't been lucky enough to take a class with you or Dina so to be able to meet and learn from both you, I can't wait!!

Unknown said...

Since you girls sell out so quickly maybe you should book more classes around the US!!! Great idea don't you think? Anyways I think there are a lot of us on the west coast that would love to attend a class from you talented fun ladies!!!

terrijdy said...

I would love to take a workshop from the two of you!! Will you ever come to So. Cal??

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