Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fabulous weekend at Art from the Heart Headquarters...

What a great time we had…

I'm sat in bed with a beer whilst posting this and recovering from a packed mixed media weekend. I was too busy to take photos of the classes, but managed to remember to round up everyone for a final finish.

Still managed to miss 4 people out though, not quite sure how lol

People come to the weekends from far and wide, we had visitors from, Southampton, Birmingham, Scotland, London and also Norway. Yes 3 people came all the way from Norway.
Heres the lovely Wibeke and Nina.

And this is the lovely Siv who was on her second visit to us here in the UK

Siv spent last night doing her homework with the aid of the local waters.!!

And most of the day looking like this, lol

And the fabulous double act Yvonne and Jennifer provided us with much needed light relief, especially when we discovered that Yvonne was a Magnum virgin !!! Not any more, we soon sorted that out with ice creams all round!!

We all made a mahoosive 2 inch thick book, full of mixed media techniques, interspersed with patterned paper.

I don't half make them work.!!

We used
Dylusions inks
Dina Wakely paints and mediums
Amsterdam paints
Dylusions spray ink pad
Adirondack Dabbers
Tim Holtz Distress paint
Distress stains
Inktense blocks
Pan Pastels
Portfolio oil pastels
Wendy Vecchi studio 490 embossing pastes
and others I have no doubt forgotten about.!!

The book has 138 pages in total.!! Can't wait to see them as they are being filled with tons of arty goodness.

I started the weekend with no voice after having laryngitis for the last week, but amazingly it held up. I'm not holding out much hope for tomorrow and if anyone needs me I will be in my blanket fort colouring in!

Ooooh btw look out tomorrow for the update of the nun and the Irishman ……

Enjoy xx


Sharon Y said...

Looks like a fun weekend and that big book is amazing.

Siv said...

Thanks so much for a fun weekend darling! Mwah!!

Kathyk said...

Looks like a fantastic weekend of inkiness!

Enjoy your rest tomorrow


Unknown said...

Looks amazing! Wish I had been a part of it!

Clare said...

Looks amazing haven't been to my journal in a while. Very inspiring x x x

silvergran said...

Eeeeee! Such fabulousness! How fantastic to play, create, and "take the waters" with you!
Have to start saving...... It's a little bit of a hike from New Zealand!

Caroline D. said...

The very thing I noticed in the first pic you shared was the big thick journal you were holding! I just know everyone had a great time in the class! Hope your laryngitis goes away quickly.... it's never fun for us gals who like to chat a lot... LOL. And yessss... !!!... I am still very curious about this nun and irish man!

Unknown said...

Fantastic weekend. Enjoyed it all - the course, the people and the lovely teacher. Booked up for weekend course in November

Melissa R said...

Ok, I just have to know! What is a Magnum virgin? In the US the only Magnum I can think of is
1)Mr. Selleck, aka, Magnum P.I.
2)Condoms (the biggies have a brand by that name)
So, either could fit the situation (or both, at once)! But I tend to think you are talking about something else :)

Tanja said...

I just watched your video over at Ranger. I love all of them. If you ever come to the southern part of Germany, we have to have a cup of tea together.

Unknown said...

It was a lovely weekend and I enjoyed so much.

I used your quote and I page I made at the weekend for the craft barn challenge.

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott