Saturday, November 16, 2013

Roma pt 2…l

So here I am in Denmark working hard taking photos for the next blog post….WAIT…!

Ooops haven't finished blogging Rome, sorry about that…

Look what was in the goody bags.

cool glasses

How did Mini Me get here.??

 The fabulous Alessandra.

Having a little break Ali..??



Noooo it's time to say goodbye

Taxi is here…

Ooops we appear to have a problem…lol

Ciao Roma you were bellissimo

Enjoy xx


barbarayaya62 said...

Dyan I love you! You are a fantastic teacher! I still can not believe I have known and learned from you so many things in one day! I'll wait for next year and ... I'll be there two days!!! A hug to the "Elf"! And sorry for my bad English! Barbarayaya

Miria said...

So great to see us here, it was an unforgettable weekend! So happy to meet you and learn so much in a few days, hope to see you next year. Grazie to you and Ali,
Miria xxx

Sharon Y said...

You just make me smile! Enjoy your posts as you travel about spreading joy and creativity.

BA said...

hi my dear
we had so much fun!!! I miss you
xoxo BA

Jan☺ said...

counting the days (no, not till Christmas) till your next course in Rome. thanks for being so...Dyan!

Marjie Kemper said...

Oh thanks for the giggles.... LOVE the Mini Me and the taxi shot was a riot.

Caroline D. said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Mini's hold an unbelievable amount really....

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