Friday, November 1, 2013

Kansas or bust...

My last port of call this trip was to The Stampers Ink in Kansas to see my buddy Tanya.

She had lined me up a new man.

Always a cheery Kansas greeting…

Now we all love a good margarita, but I've never had one with bacon in before. I would love to tell you how fabulous it was but unfortunately I can't lol. It was eurgh!!!

This is what greeted me in class the first day… signs of things to come.!!

A fabulous time was had by all, including the  lovely Patricia who had driven for 8 hrs to come take classes, she got to wear the prized tiara.

By Saturday my back was starting to recover, due to the copious drugs gratefully received, so we oomph up the glamour stakes. Love this picture of me and my buddy.

And before we knew it we were onto day 3, the final day…

And before I knew it , it was time for big hugs and sad goodbyes. Always bitter sweet coming home. But i landed to warmer weather than I thought.

But had to wonder to myself…"I hope it all fits in my Mini"?

Enjoy xx


The Hardy Stamper said...

Welcome home Dy! I'm glad that your back is on the mend too.

Unknown said...

You are my rock, and my rock star. Hugs!!!

Miranda said...

looks like another fun trip and fabby classes again...the guy in the first photograph really waited long for you to come over and do some classes with youLOL


Helen said...

Great photos! Hope you're home for a while now, I am sure some little people have missed you madly! Have a lovely weekend. x

HEYJUDE said...

When are you going to ohio?

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